Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt Review

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My Experience with the Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt – A Versatile and Comfortable Outdoor Essential

As an avid runner hitting the local trails, I recently got my hands on the Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt, and I have to say it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of outdoor clothing. This base layer is designed with technical features and versatility in mind, making it perfect for year-round adventures, whether I’m tackling intense winter sports or enjoying sweaty summer runs.

Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt Fabric: Odor-Eliminating and Quick-Drying

The standout feature of this shirt is its fabric. Made from Sterling fabric, it incorporates ionic+ antimicrobial technology with silver fibers, which means I can wear it multiple times without worrying about odor buildup. And true to its claim, this shirt effectively eliminates odors, allowing me to wear it for extended periods without any concerns. The fabric is also quick drying and incredibly soft to the touch, providing exceptional comfort throughout the day. I appreciate the added UPF 50+ sun protection, which gives me peace of mind during sunny outdoor activities.

Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt Fit: Tailored for Comfort and Style

Alpine Fit takes fit seriously, offering options that cater to different body shapes and preferences. With the Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt, I opted for the Cinder Fit in Winter Moss Green, size Large, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Unlike other shirts I’ve tried, which often suffer from inconsistent sizing, this shirt is remarkably true to size. Its lightweight, breathable, and comfortable design is tailored to flatter my body shape, with the Cinder Fit offering a narrower waist. I’ve worn it while running and hiking, and it provides an excellent fit without causing any irritation or unwanted odors, which I’ve encountered with other brands. It has become a go-to shirt for my everyday life, thanks to its exceptional fit and versatility.

Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt Performance: Comfortable and Reliable

When it comes to performance, the Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt truly excels. Whether I’m out for a run or exploring the wilderness, this shirt keeps me comfortable and dry. Its moisture-wicking properties ensure it dries quickly, even during intense workouts, and its breathability keeps me cool throughout. I have experienced no discomfort or irritation while wearing this shirt, which has been a common issue with other brands. Its sleek design and comfortable fit make it suitable not only for outdoor adventures but also for everyday wear, becoming a versatile staple in my closet.

Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt Specs

  • 69% Recycled Polyester
  • 17% Tencel® Lyocell
  • 7% ionic+® Polyester (contains silver)
  • 7% Lycra® Spandex
  • Weight 175gsm, 6.9 oz (195g) size medium
  • Made in Alaska

Conclusion: A Must-Have Active-Wear Shirt

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt for anyone seeking high-quality active-wear. This shirt is perfect for various outdoor activities due to its technical features, such as odor-eliminating fabric and quick-drying properties. The comfortable fit, breathability, and thoughtful seam placements further enhance its performance, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement. Whether you’re a dedicated runner, hiker, or simply someone looking for a comfortable and versatile shirt, the Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. It has earned its place as one of my favorite shirts, consistently providing exceptional comfort, style, and reliability for all my outdoor pursuits.

The Alpine Fit Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt is available in Winter Moss Green and Misty Bering Sea Blue, with sizes ranging from small to XXL. It comes in two fits, Cinder and Granite, tailored to different body shapes and preferences. For more info on the Treeline Long Sleeve Shirt, visit

Mark Robillard: I'm an avid trail runner/ultra runner
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