Dare 2B Sustain Mid Layer Review

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Dare 2B Sustain Mid Layer Pullover

First Impressions of the Dare 2B Sustain Mid layer:

I liked the initial look of the Dare 2B Sustain Mid layer pullover.  I chose the color Skydiver Blue. I have used many mid layer garments before, either just as a warmer option on cold days or while snowboarding in the mountains so I was eager to try this one out. Its essentials are listed as quick drying with underarm mesh panels, a half zip with auto-lock slider, stretch material, reflective details, and a rear zip pocket. It looked like a simple product with standard features. I was anxious to see if it was comfortable and it was. It fits snug and close to the body in my size, which is Medium. This really is a true to fit type of pullover. The sleeve length was perfect for my arms, not too short and not falling over my hands. I have trouble with jackets and sweaters for this reason and I was happy to know this fit well. the length was good as it hung slightly past my waist.

Performance of the Dare 2B Sustain Mid Layer:

As mentioned in my first impressions, the feel was great and this came into play the more I wore the garment.

A Nice Fitting Mid Layer with Great Features

It’s listed as 90% polyester and 10% Elastane. I washed it in cold water and dried it in the dryer and had no issues with it shrinking. The material feels comfortable on my skin as well. I liked the half zip because it makes it easier to wear under a jacket. I got this when it was pretty warm outside so I haven’t worn it in extremely cold temps. I have however worn this lately in the fall when the temps are cooler and it gets me warm quickly.

The Zipper System:

I am still not sure what the half zip auto lock feature is. The zipper has a reflective flap on it in silver which is nice when wearing this by itself at night. It makes it very easy for cars to see you. I run at night so I enjoyed having this sense of security. Another good feature about the zipper is on the inside it has a flap of cloth that covers the zipper to keep cold air out and when zipped all the way up, the collar covers a good part of your neck.

Zipper Flap and Reflective Feature

The Rear Pocket:

The rear back pocket is nice but small. It could hold your wallet and/or phone but that’s about it. I don’t stuff my pockets anyways so it isn’t a big deal to me.

Dare 2B Back Pocket

Mesh Underarm Panels:

The mesh underarm panels are a nice feature to cool you off and help with the drying of the garment. The mesh covers a good portion of the mid layer pullover so you can feel the air come in with no problem. Whether you sweat a lot or just want to air it out, this was a good feature.

Dare 2B Sustain Underarm Vents

Final Thoughts on Dare 2B Sustain Mid Layer:

Overall this is a quality product. It vents well with the mesh underarm feature as well as reflects well when wearing this at night because of the addition of reflective tape on the zipper. The zipper was built well in that it has a flap that prevents air from getting in. I liked the color Skydiver blu as well. It pops out and goes with many other clothes. There was one issue that bothered me, however, in that the black trim added to the end of the arm sleeve was starting to come undone. I’m not sure what caused this, possibly just washing it, but it will need to be fixed. The trim looks great with black but the stitching might need to be improved upon. I would still recommend this to my friends and family because its other features outweigh this unfortunate issue.

Dare 2B Stitching Coming Undone


  1. Quick Drying
  2. Underarm mesh panels
  3. Half zip with auto-lock slider
  4. Stretch bound cuff and hem
  5. 1x rear zip pocket
  6. Reflective detail for enhanced visibility

Retails at 40 British Pounds.

View more of Dare 2B products at www.dare2b.com

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