Mountain Khakis 307 Jeans Review

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MSRP – $84.95

It’s not a surprise by this point for most people that Mountain Khakis is one of the leading brands when it comes to quality and style for those looking for a great blend between workwear toughness and outdoor style.  I’ve had the pleasure of testing their products for close to a decade now and every time a new item shows up on my porch to test is a good day for me.  I know every time I open up the package that I’m going to be able to geek out on features and styling details on a product that is built to last.  The Mountain Khakis 307 Jean fits those two important check boxes of quality and style.  

Mountain Khakis 307 Jeans Material

The MK 307 Jean is made with 99% organic cotton and 1% Lycra Demin for a little bit of stretch.  I’ve done some extensive testing in the 307’s and they still look feel like the 2nd time I tried them on( The first time you try jeans on, they are always a little stiff).  The 307 Jean has a tight weave throughout the material which provides smooth feel throughout the fabric.  This texture feel is a little different compared traditional jean material in where that has a little more textured.  This is not a plus or minus in my opinion, it’s just a smidge different and it’s nice to have a little variation in your wardrobe.  


In line with most MK pants, the 307 Jean comes with a diamond shaped gusted crotch that allows you to flex and spread your legs a little wider without putting too much strain on the material.  In the long run, this helps with preventing you from getting a hole in the crotch.  

For styling, MK has used a yellow stitch for the pockets and zipper and red stitching for the hem on the cuffs of the pants.  It’s a subtle color hint that provides a tiny bit of pop, but isn’t too much where you should worry whether you are going to stand out at a work meeting.  

307 Jeans Fit


The MK 307 Jeans comes in two different fits, classic and slim fit.  I opted to test the classic fit as I tend to lean to the traditional in my jean fit.  To start off, I think it’s important for you to know my body type as that factors into my opinion on the 307 jeans fit.  I am 6’0 and 170 lbs.  I have relatively average width legs and not much of a butt( wow, I am telling the world about my butt…, but that definitely factors into how a pair of jeans fit). 

I tested out a 32×32 and I found the pants to provide a perfect fit in my opinion, top to bottom.  The backside of the pants doesn’t sag or look too baggy for those with less of a backside, but I they also have room for an average to bigger rear end.  The thighs of the pants work well for average to a little bit above average width.  The cuffs are a mix of a regular and book cut cuff which is perfect in my opinion.  I prefer it when the jean go just over my shoes.  

Compared to other Mountain Khaki Pants, I find the classic fit to be closer to other brands classic fits.  Mountain Khakis classic fit has historically been closer to a loose fit style, so keep this in mind when deciding the best fit for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am extremely pleased with MK 307 Jeans and I’m happy to give these jeans two big thumbs up for both the quality and styling.   Visit to learn more.

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