Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Review

Name: Patagonia Refugitive Jacket
Waterproof: Yes
Windproof: Yes
Materials: GORE-TEX
Weight: 15 oz.

Patagonia started out as a small company creating products for alpine climbing and grew into a company that provides quality apparel for nearly every outdoor enthusiast.  In the quest for the perfect alpine ski jacket, Patagonia created the Refugitive Jacket. The Patagonia Refugitive Jacket is built for all occasions, designed tough enough for an everyday ski jacket but light enough to be packed down and carried deep into the backcountry.  Throughout this winter I have had the chance to play in the outdoors and review Patagonia’s new Refugitive jacket.

Initial Thoughts of the Patagonia Refugitive Jacket

The Refugitive Jacket is a shell made for all conditions snowy.   The construction of the Refugitive Jacket is made from three layer GORE-TEX with GORE C-KNIT Backer.  The GORE-TEX is woven with nylon to give some stretch and create the perfect fit across the shoulders, back, and arms.  The GORE C-KNIT backer is a softer layer layer that was added on the inside of the jacket. I usually wear a size between medium and large in most jackets.  I find the fit of the Refugitive Jacket to be a bit on the larger size however it is nice to be able to layer up on the below zero days.  The sleeves of the jacket are just the right size and do not ride up at when my arms are stretched out.  The opening of each sleeve can be adjusted by velcro.

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Front

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Back

The hood of the jacket is very large and easily fits over a helmet.   This hood can be adjusted by a pull cord on the back.   There is also a small bill built in as well.

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Hood

The  outside of the Refugitive Jacket features two hand warming pockets with waterproof zippers.  On the inside of the pockets is a drawstring that will allow for cinching the bottom of the jacket to the body.  Each drawstring has a unique cord lock system that can allow for adjustments to be made with a single hand. Under each arm are large pit zips that run all the way down from the elbow to bottom of the ribs.   The chest pocket is spacious and can easily hold a cell phone, keys, or skis pass.   Also built into the jacket is a Recco reflector.

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Pit Zips

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Chest Pocket

The inside of the Refugitive Jacket has two pockets.  There is a small pocket that is directly under the outside breast pocket.  This pocket would fit a small cellphone or credit card well.  On the other side of the jacket there a large “catch all” pocket.  This pocket has enough room to fit a spare pair of gloves, snack, or water pouch.

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Catch All Pocket

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Small Inside Pocket

Performance of the Patagonia Refugitive Jacket

The Patagonia Refugitive Jacket is a great everyday ski jacket.  What I like is that performs well in every situation from hiking to the next powder stash to blocking a driving cold wind.

The Patagonia Refugitive Jacket is made to take a beating.  The GORE-TEX layers give this jacket a sturdy feel.   I definitely do not have to worry about tears or rips when skiing the trees.  There are so many times when skiing around in the backcountry that I brush and scrape against trees and logs.  Each time this jacket comes out of the forest unscathed. Although robust, this is jacket definitely breathes well.  Hiking is comfortable as the GORE-TEX is able to keep me cool and dry. Many of my favorite ski trails are hike in only and it is great to have breathability. If the GORE-TEX alone is not enough, then the two large pit zips definitely do the trick.

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Skiing

Recently we have been receiving some great snow here in Colorado.  The only catch is that last couple days we have had strong wind with blowing snow. The Refugitive Jacket is like a suit of armor in these conditions.  The weather this morning on the first chair was 10 degrees and 30 mile an hour winds with heavy snow.  It seemed that every hundred feet the lift needed to stop because of the wind.  During what seemed to be a 30 minute lift ride I was able zip up the Refugitive Jacket, pull the hood tight, and hunker down with no skin exposed.  Never once did I feel the cold wind on my body or have moisture get though.  This is the kind of protection you need when the conditions get nasty.

Another feature that I love about this jacket is the bright color options available.  When the entire world seems monochrome it is nice to have your skiing partners be able to locate when cruising around in an all white world.

Patagonia Refugitive Jacket Final Thoughts

The Patagonia Refugitive Jacket is a great go-to shell that is perfect for all winter conditions.  The three layer GORE-TEX construction is durable and will block out moisture and cold wind.  When working hard the GORE-TEX and pit zips will provide breathability to stay warm and dry.  If you are looking for a winter shell that can handle it all look no further to the Patagonia Refugitive Jacket.   

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Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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