Stio Snotel Jacket

MSRP: $355.00
Weight: 16 oz.
Waterproof: Yes

Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and founded in 2011, Stio has been designing clothing for the mountain lifestyle. Not just for the big days on the mountain, Stio creates apparel to be worn during the downtime as well. Here in Colorado our ski season is in full swing with snow falling daily. What this means for the riders and skiers here is often your ski jacket becomes your town jacket all in the same afternoon. The Stio Snotel Jacket has kept this in mind by creating a performance jacket that fits well and looks good.

Initial Thoughts on the Stio Snotel Jacket

The Snotel Jacket is lightweight. Weighing in at 16 ounces the Snotel is the lightest jacket in Stio’s lineup. The lightweight design is perfect for skiing and all backcountry adventures. The Snotel Jacket fits true to size. I am 5’ 11’’ and 180 lbs and usually wear between and medium and large and Snotel size large is a little big on me, but perfect when I want to add few underlayers. Each arm is a good length and does not ride up when my arms are fully extended. The cuffs of the jacket also velcro adjustable.



Stio Snotel Jacket Front


Stio Snotel Jacket Back

I really like the material that the Stio Snotel Jacket is made of. The material is called Toray Dermazax EV3 Stretch which is waterproof, breathable, and gives this jacket a perfect fit. The Toray Dermazax EV3 Stretch also provides enough stretch to allow the arms to move freely and have great range of motion. I have large shoulders and outerwear can fit tight, but the added stretch is very comfortable. The seams are also extra reinforced on the inside of the jacket.

The hood of the Stio Snotel Jacket is large and can easily fit a helmet underneath. The hood can adjust snuggly to the helmet by pulls along the sides and a covered pull in back. Other features of the hood include a small brim and fleece collar.

Stio Snotel Hood Adjustment

There are six zippers on this jacket: two side pocket zippers, two armpit zippers a chest zipper, and a zipper up the front. All of these zippers are water resistant Aqua Guard Zippers by YKK. These might be some of the easiest zippers to zip up. I can zip this jacket up with one hand without having to hold the jacket with the other hand. The armpit zippers are good size and have pulls that allow the zipper to be opened in both directions. The chest pocket is small, but can easily fit a cell phone or ski pass.

Stio Snotel Pit Zips

Stio Snotel Zipper

Performance of the Stio Snotel Jacket.

The Stio Snotel Jacket was built for high energy activities in cold weather. I have been impressed by its performance when alpine skiing, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. What Stio Snotel does so well is keep you cool when you should be sweating bullets.

We had a great start to ski season here in Steamboat, Colorado and with the early powder days many of our runs were hike to only. For someone like me who gets warm easily, having outerwear that is breathable is a necessity. The Stio Snotel Jacket was awesome. With a long sleeved under-layer and the Stio Snotel Jacket I could access all of the hike in spots I wanted without worry getting hot and sweaty. Once in the deep snow, the Toray Dermazax EV3 Stretch material kept me dry and the snow out.

Stio Snotel Hiking

Stio Snotel Jacket Skiing

The Stio Snotel Jacket performs equally well on cross country ski and snowshoeing excursions. Having the outstanding breathability allows me to be more active since I do not have to worry about overheating and later becoming cold when my body temperature drops. In addition, the relaxed fit and freedom of arm movement is great for cross country skiing allowing my arms to swing easily.

Stio Snotel Jacket Cross Country Ski

Aside from the overall performance I really like the zippers on the pockets. These are so easy to use. I particularly appreciate their ease of use on the ski lifts when fumbling around for a granola bar.

The Stio Snotel Jacket has not only performed well in the backcountry it does pretty well in town too. When it is dumping out I can count on this jacket to be waterproof and keep me dry. It makes a great protective outerlayer and looks good in the process. I also really like standout pureed pumpkin color. It is nice bright color that I don’t see out often.

Final thoughts on the Stio Snotel Jacket

The Stio Snotel Jacket is the perfect no nonsense winter backcountry jacket. Its breathability makes it perfect for high energy activities like alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing because it prevents overheating and the cold shivers that follow. Features like the adjustable hood and cuffs and easy to use zippers make this jacket comfortable and easy to wear. If the having a great jacket in the backcountry is not enough then its stylish looks should win you over.

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Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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