White Sierra Alpine Anorak Review

White Sierra Alpine Anorak

Windy, wet and overcast days can make for a miserable outing, unless you have the right gear. Anyone that adventures outside in anything other than perfect weather should have some kind of outer shell for protection in adverse weather conditions. The key factors most people look for to fit the bill are windproof, water resistant, breathable, lightweight and packable. Does the White Sierra Alpine Anorak fall into all of these categories? Let’s take a look…

First Impressions of the White Sierra Alpine Anorak

The White Sierra Alpine Anorak jacket is made of ripstop polyester, it is super lightweight and perfect for the backpacker or hiker where weight is at a premium.

White Sierra Alpine Anorak

The jacket has a drawstring adjustable hood with a brim, which will allow you to cinch the hood right down tight to your face, keeping out unwanted wind and rain. The waist/hem is also drawstring adjustable allowing you to lock out all of those updrafts.

Adjustable Hood with Brim

The Alpine Anorak is a half zip, which mean the zipper travels half way down the jacket, allowing for a very easy on and off, especially when you have on a hat and/or sunglasses. The fact that it is a half zip will allow for a quick cool down when unzipped, instead of taking the jacket off entirely. The zipper has a nice grippy (sand paper feel to it) pull tab that will allow for an easy grip operation with wet or gloved hands. White Sierra was also thoughtful enough to add the chin saving zipper garage, always a bonus…no more zipped chins.

Half Zip Closure with Chin Saving Zipper Garage

There are two pockets on the jacket, the first is the zippered kangaroo pocket, that is also the packable pocket. The kangaroo pocket has plenty of room for your wallet, keys, smartphone and action camera. The second pocket is a large thru pocket just in front of the kangaroo pocket, perfect for holding maps or sticking your hands to keep them out of the elements.

Front Packable Kangaroo Pocket

Packing up the jacket is a simple and quick process, unzip the kangaroo pocket, turn the pocket inside out and start stuffing the jacket, zip it up and you have a nice lightweight packed up jacket in a neat little pouch.

Packed up in Front Pocket

Testing Out the White Sierra Alpine Anorak

The fit of the Alpine Anorak was perfect, the sleeves have nice comfortable elastic cuffs that fit snug, just right to keep the elements out. The jacket has enough room that you could fit a couple of layers under and still move comfortably.

I was able to take the jacket out backpacking through some little drizzle and wind, the raindrops would roll right off of the jacket, it managed to keep me dry and warm. The ripstop polyester is a great material, when the trail got tight, I would have to push through brush and branches and they would just slide by the jacket, no snags or tears, and that is a beautiful thing.

Hood Up in Overcast Light Drizzle

Most of the time when I am hiking I prefer just going in a T-shirt, usually I will get moving and that is enough to keep myself warm. This particular morning is was quite brisk, so I slipped on the jacket and it took the edge off. Once I got moving the breathability of the jacket was enough to be comfortable in. After an hour or so, when it warmed up I unzipped the half zipper and loosened the drawstring on the waist and I felt perfect for the rest of the day. Overall this is as close to a perfect hiking / backpacking jacket as it gets.

Taking the Edge Off of the Morning Chill

Final Thoughts on the White Sierra Alpine Anorak

The White Sierra Alpine Anorak Jacket is the ideal outer shell to have packed along for your hiking or backpacking trips. It falls into every category; lightweight, windproof, water resistant, breathable and packable. If you find your weather conditions are far from perfect, this is a wonderful jacket to have, to sheild you from the inclimate weather.

MSRP $55
For more information check out :  www.whitesierra.com

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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