ElevenPine Dual-Fit Multi-Sport Shorts

ElevenPine is an emerging Boulder, CO-based athletic apparel company that is revolutionizing the cycling and fitness industries while ridding cafes and breweries of spandex-clad crotches. For 2019, ElevenPine introduces their newest and most versatile multisport shorts to date: ElevenPine Session Shorts for men and Circuit Shorts for women. The high performance dual-fit shorts convert from a form-fit to a loose and stylish fit – with one quick zip of ElevenPine’s patented 11P Dual-Fit System, offering shorts as versatile as anyone’s training regimen and adventures.

Unique to the Session and Circuit Shorts are ElevenPine’s new MultiSport Boxer Brief for men and MultiSport Brief for women. The Briefs are designed with the perfect compression for peak performance in all sports and pair perfectly with the Session and Circuit Shorts, including a secure pocket for phone storage during any activity that is easily accessed via a secret side opening in the shorts.

ElevenPine’s patented 11P Dual-Fit System uses a combination of discreet side zippers to convert the shorts to the perfect fit for all activities and adventures: form-fit when biking or practicing yoga, to a relaxed fit for running, hiking, swimming or working out at the gym.

ElevenPine Session Shorts are versatile, technical and form-fitting when they need to be, yet easily convert into looser shorts for a more comfortable and fashionable look in public: a high-performance alternative to spandex tights that also embraces the exploding trend in the athleisure category.

Designed for high performance and comfort throughout all activities, ElevenPine Session and Circuit Shorts are made with durable, lightweight, highly breathable stretch fabric and a super comfortable, non-rolling waistband. Everything stays in place when attempting an inverted yoga move, but gets relaxed and comfy for running, drinking kombucha afterward, escorting kids to school or playgrounds, anything that can be done in shorts, but more comfortably.

Professional triathlete and 2x World Ironman® Triathlon winner Tim DeBoom can’t live without them. “These are my go-to shorts for every activity from biking, trail running to the gym, I love them so much I decided to join the company.”

Ryan Van Duzer is a professional adventurer, television host, and philanthropist who’s never owned a car: “I’ve never been a fan of tight bicycle clothing, and ElevenPine fits my style, and more importantly, my body.”

ElevenPine Session Shorts and Circuit Shorts and MultiSport Boxer Briefs and MultiSport Briefs will be available through their Kickstarter campaign targeted to launch June 25.

For more information on the ElevenPine Shorts, visit the Kickstarter Campaign or elevenpine.com

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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