ewool PRO+ Heated Vest Review

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Finding a way to stay warm during the colder months can be tough, especially when you live in an area that has more than a few weeks of unforgiving cold. If you want to keep layers to a minimum, the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest is a great solution for staying warm without feeling like you are wearing an overstuffed sleeping bag.

What’s Included with the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

Included in the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest package is one PRO+ Heated Vest, one 70W 3.5 hour flat battery, and one 32W wall plug battery charger – the wall plug that is shipped is based on the region you order from.

Fit of the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

The ewool PRO+ Heated Vest incorporates a low profile stretch-fit design that delivers a close to the body tailored-like fit, allowing it to easily be worn under a jacket without feeling bulky. The large stretch bands on both sides of the vest provide nice comfort and also helps keep the heating elements close to the body. At 6 feet tall, with a chest measurement of 41″ and a waist measurement of 32″, I went with a size Medium and the fit turned out to be perfect, so I would call ewool sizing, true to size.

ewool PRO+ Heated Vest Battery

The PRO+ comes with a single 70W flat battery that can power the vest for up to seven hours on the low heat setting and three and a half on the medium heat setting or what ewool calls the normal setting. Setting it to high and the battery will only heat the vest for just under two hours.

The flat battery design does provide a very well-suited fit in the hidden back pocket of the heated vest. The added padding in the lumbar region delivers just the right amount of comfort when wearing the battery pack in the back. Whether it’s the front pocket or back pocket, vertical or horizontal, the PRO+ vest offers plenty of battery stowing positions to accommodate just about any activity.

Rear Battery Pocket
Front Left Hand Pocket

The battery has only the one round port for charging and plugging into the vest. I think there is a missed opportunity on ewool’s part to not include a USB port on the battery which would allow you to top off smartphones or other small electronics.

The 70W flat battery offers just about enough power to get through most outdoor activities, but should you find it lacking or want to run the vest on high heat mode for extended periods, it features an expandable battery pocket that fits ewool’s dual battery kit, which can provide up to 14 hours of continuous heat. Want to push it even farther, you can add a third battery to the front pocket and ensure all day heating. Don’t want to add all the extra weight of battery packs? Not to worry, the ewool battery also charges super fast, thanks to the included 32w charger, it can go from zero to full in just about 2½ hours. Or if you have access to a 12 V DC power source, like a car, motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile you can connect the easy-access charge port on the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest to them for unlimited heating time and battery charging.

Control Button on the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

I have a love/hate relationship with the control button on the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest. I love it, because it is easily accessible and it’s a simple one-button operation. Push and hold the power button to turn it on and you feel the full heat in just a matter of seconds. Push the button again and it switches to the next heating level. It has high, medium and low temperature control, allowing you to adjust your internal temperature as the weather outside changes.

Battery Status

It is in a convenient location at the bottom left of the vest and is effortless to access when wearing it under a jacket or coat. However this location is why a hate it as well, it is always there and when you wear the vest by itself, it is there like a beacon in a storm, hanging out like an unhemmed piece of fabric that just looks strange and feels weird. You can of course tuck it up out of the way, but this adds more awkward bulk to the already existing bulk of the control module and charging port. Obviously this is my own personal hang up and by no means takes away from any functionality, but if you plan to wear the vest as a standalone piece be prepared to answer questions about the daggling button on your left hip.

Heating Power of the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

Thanks to ewool’s PRO technology the PRO+ Heated Vest creates warmth in just seconds after pushing the control button. The high-density internal heating system combined with 70 watts of power produces more heat per square inch than any other heating garment that I have ever tried. The ewool PRO+ Heated Vest features built-in, wraparound heating elements in the back, front and collar of the vest. Instead of just a few small heating pads here and there, the PRO+ Heated Vest has you covered throughout. For maximum efficiency, the PRO+ Heated Vest’s heating elements are placed as close as possible to the body, with a thin, stretchable fabric making sure the vest doesn’t just work as a mid-layer, but is comfortable for all-day wear on its own. It offers 3 levels of heat (low, medium, high) allowing you to customize for your comfort no matter the activity.

The PRO+ Heated Vest is next level in lightweight, insulated mid-layer warmth as it supplies the body with extra heat at the single touch of a button. The smooth exterior easy slides under outer layers allowing freedom of movement and the large side stretch bands ensure the vest moves with the body while maintaining fit and breathability.

Features of the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

  • Heated Collar
  • Large Front and Back Heating Elements
  • Form Fitting Stretch Bands
  • Auxiliary Power Source Plug In
  • Control Button
  • Hidden Back Battery Packet
  • Fast Charger
  • Washer and Dryer Safe
  • One-year warranty

Final Thoughts on the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

The ewool PRO+ Heated Vest really does thrive in the cold as a perfect heated mid-layer that’s both powerful and simple to use. It is a versatile garment that brings a lot of heat for cold weather activities, everything from hitting the slopes to fall and winter hikes, ice fishing to tailgating and much more. But at a dizzying price point of $478, this is likely a better option for motorcyclists and snowmobilers, who can take full advantage of the direct connect charging port feature on the vest.

MSRP $478  For more information please visit www.amazon.com/ewool.

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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