KUIU Hot Weather Gear Review

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Late summer is still hot in the mountains of Colorado. With temps in the 90’s, playing in the outdoors takes a little upfront thought. Luckily many companies like KUIU are adapting their apparel line up to keep you cool in the heat.  

KUIU has been known for their high performance hunting gear. Their apparel has spanned the globe, giving hunters and outdoor enthusiasts some of the best clothing for demanding terrain. This summer I have had the chance to try out some KUIU gear that is made for hot weather. I was able to test out the Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt, the Tiburon Short, and the Gila LS Hoodie. Over the years the dog days of summer have gotten the better of me. This year I am pretty excited to try out some hot weather specific items from a company that specializes in rugged wear.

Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt – KUIU Hot Weather Gear

Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt

The Mesa SS Snap Shirt was designed for hot weather. Every feature that went into this shirt thought about the outdoor enthusiast in hot conditions.  

The most noticeable and definitely my favorite feature of this shirt are the ventilation areas. On the back of the shirt there are ventilation areas on the center of the back and on the edges of each shoulder. At first I was surprised at how many large openings there were on the back of this shirt. However, once I slid my backpack over the Mesa Vented Snap Shirt it became quickly apparent that the openings were designed to function while wearing a backpack. The openings were created so that maximum air flow can be achieved even when wearing a pack.

Wearing the Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt

Back of Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt

Comfortable Fit of the KUIU Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt

The Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt is made of 4 way stretch fabric. This fabric has an UPF rating of 50+ and is also treated with an anti odor protection. I really found the 4 way stretch fabric to be really comfortable. This allowed for easy movements when scrambling around rocks and fly fishing. Additionally, I put this fabric to the test on many days out in 90+ degree weather and I found that the anti odor properties really held up. Even by the end of the hikes the shirt did not have that usual synthetic shirt off-putting smell.  

When the shirt did become sweaty, which was mostly when wearing a backpack, I found that it dried quickly within minutes once the pack was off. In just a few minutes I was back in business and on my way to dry and comfortable. 

Overall, this is the perfect hot weather hiking shirt. There are not too many shirts that have this many features geared towards hot weather. 

Features taken directly from KUIU

MSRP $99

  • 100% Polyester stretch
  • 4- way stretch
  • Anti-odor
  • UPF 50+ Sun Rating
  • Snap pocket front
  • Folded collar for sun protection
  • Zipper chest pocket
  • Pack use inspired venting

KUIU Tiburon Shorts – KUIU Hot Weather Gear

Tiburon Shorts

The Tiburon Shorts could be my most favorite pair of shorts. These are some of the most comfortable and breathable shorts I have worn. These have quickly become my go to for everything from work, to hiking, and around the house. 

It all starts with the Toray DOT Airflow fabric which is amazing stuff. When paired with a light weight merino underwear these shorts really breathe. Unlike many other breathable fabrics this fabric feels very durable with tight knit weave. On one trip I wandered through those nasty “velcro like” plant seeds and did not have a single one snagged on my shorts. I cannot say the same for my socks or shoes. Usually anything that is mesh like or breathable gets bound up by those. This is definitely a testament to the durable and quality construction of these shorts.  

The Toray DOT Airflow fabric also has been treated with a quick drying DWR water repellent. I found these shorts perfect when river floating in the desert. The shorts kept me cool when on the raft and when they got wet they dried quickly. I ended up using these shorts more than my traditional swim trunks. 


Great Fit on the KUIU Tiburon Shorts

The design of Tiburon shorts are great as well. The shorts have a gusseted fit that prevents chaffing or rubbing in unwanted areas. After many miles on the trails I had not once had a comfort issue. Additionally, all of the pockets on these shorts are really deep and well thought out. The deep pockets are useful for housing keys, cell phones, and other items that would be really annoying to lose. The cargo pocket too is oversized and fits many items well.  

Like I mentioned earlier, the Tiburon shorts have quickly become one of my favorites of all time. The Toray DOT fabric is incredible. The breathability and durability are second to none and complemented with the deep pockets these shorts are a must for hot weather.  

Specs taken directly from KUIU

  • Anatomical fit
  • Gusseted crotch to reduce chaffing
  • Zippered Cargo Pockets
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection

The KUIU Gila LS Hoodie

Gila LS Hoodie

The Gila LS Hoodie is made for hot weather. Not unlike the other KUIU hot weather specific gear, all of the features of Gila LS Hoodie are designed for comfort in the hottest of conditions.  

The Gila LS Hoodie is made from the Cool Touch fabric. This material wicks moisture off the body and allows for evaporation. What is particularly nice about the Cool Touch fabric is that even when washed multiple times the wicking and evaporating properties stay with the shirt. These features will not be lost in the washer and dryer. Additionally, the Cool Touch fabric has a UPF rating of 50+ which is the highest rating KUIU has for any of their outdoor apparel. I find that clothing designed for maximum coverage having a high UPF rating is key. The last thing I want is additional sunscreen or layering under my hot weather clothing.  

Made it to the lake!

Back of Gila LS Hoodie

The overall design of the Gila LS Hoodie is geared for comfort and protection. I really found the long body and sleeves an advantage when rowing my raft through the desert. These over exaggerated lengths made it so the back and sleeves did not rise up exposing my skin to the sun. The sleeves even have incorporated thumbholes to keep the shirt in place when active. 

Over Sized Fit on the KUIU Gila LS Hoodie

The fit throughout the shoulders is really comfortable. I have large shoulder and this is where many of my articles of clothing get tight. The loose fit allows for lots of movement and air flow. On my recent hot weather hike I was comfortable the entire day even in the 90 degree heat. The hood of the Gila LS Hoodies is oversized too. This allows for a cap to be placed under without being uncomfortable.  

I have about a dozen or so different types of sun shirts with each one having its own unique features. The Gila Hoodie definitely got it right with the hot weather design with fit and breathability of this shirt. This sunshirt is worth checking out when you are in the market for some serious sun protection.  

Specs taken directly from KUIU

  • 92% Polyester/ 8% Spandex
  • Quick drying, wicking
  • Anti-odor treatment
  • Hood with cap compatibility
  • Looser fit for air flow
  • Longer length for coverage
  • Thumbholes
  • Darted shoulder for streamlined fit and reduced bulk

Final Thoughts on the KUIU Hot Weather Gear

I absolutely love that some of my favorite apparel companies have designed hot weather specific gear. It is all too easy to stay indoors when the temperature rises. KUIU has really put a lot of effort and thought into the design of their hot weather gear like the Mesa Vented SS Snap Shirt, Tiburon Shorts, and Gila LS Hoodie. All the items that KUIU has been producing have incredible UPF ratings, great fit for high temps, and are quick drying. With all these features it is now easier than ever before to keep adventuring when the temps soar. For more info on these and other KUIU gear, visit www.kuiu.com.

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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