Mammut Go Warm Baselayers

The Mammut Go Warm Baselayers are my new favorites for heading out into the cold with multiple layers on.  I tested these on multiple occasions, and each time the temperature was below 30 degrees.  For exertion exercises, these baselayers do a tremendous job maintaining body temperature in spite of sweat.  The fabric is soft enough to wear all day and has maintained its performance characteristics through several washing cycles.

Mammut Go Warm Baselayers – Performance

The Mammut Go Warm Baselayer pants seemed to fit a little more snug than I typically prefer, but offered no restriction in movement.  Climbing up large steps on a trail and getting into a very wide “snowplow” while skiing were not met with any issues. They also retained their elasticity through the washing cycles.  The waistline is nicely reinforced and has extra padding/fabric for comfort.  I also like the lack of rigid tags and labels on the inside.  There is one label, but it is very silky and not an issue.

Mammut Go Warm Baselayer – Pants

The Mammut Go Warm Baselayer shirt fit my frame nicely.  I don’t have extraordinarily long arms, but often find my baselayers come up short in the sleeve department. I was pleased that Mammut did not falter in this area and provided an appropriate sleeve length that covered the wrist.

Mammut Go Warm Baselayer – Zipper Pocket

My favorite feature of this great shirt is the zipper pocket. Although a small item, any man with even a hint of facial hair will tell you what a difference this small feature makes. Mammut does a nice job making it deep enough to cover the whole zipper pull and keep that scratch surface away from your neck and face.

Mammut Go Warm Baselayer – Top

Both layers were great during the review. Testing in cold weather and wind were perfect arenas for these garments. During a hiking trip, in spite of being rather wet with sweat upon reaching the summit, these layers maintained their insulative properties and kept me warm. I was very thoroughly impressed by that. For such a thin layer, Mammut has done a great job of packing plenty of heat retention into these base layers. Since I have only worn them a handful of times, I could not comment on the antibacterial feature for odor avoidance (and I do tend to wash my base layers after each use). Perhaps an update at a later time.

Mammut Go Warm Baselayers – Details:

  • Superior fit with purposeful stitching and seam locations
  • Very lightweight but with exceptional temperature balance
  • “waffle” style pattern next to the skin improves air flow and wicking

Fabric Information

  • Wool . . . . . . . . . .22%
  • Polyester . . . . . . . 78%

Mammut Go Warm Baselayer

The stitching and very visible seam lines serve a functional purpose, but also aid in the overall appearance to make you look and feel good.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Mammut Go Warm Baselayers performed very well and have added a valuable set of baselayers for winter activities. They were very warm throughout all of the testing (hiking/skiing) and maintained that temperature even when wet. The fabric blend creates a very comfortable and soft layer for all-day comfort. Not much more you can ask for in a baselayer set. You can get more information and purchase these baselayers for yourself at the Mammut website.
Available in Black/Cyan (striping) and in sizes XS – XXL.
MSRP $85.00 (TOP) $60.00 (BOTTOMS)

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