Mammut MTR 141 Longsleeve Review

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The Mammut MTR 141 Longsleeve is a runners’ dream; it’s soft, breathable, and extremely lightweight.  The MTR 141 Longsleeve accomplishes this feat thanks to utilizing VENtech™ fabric, which consists of 11% Elastane and 89% Polyester. I have reviewed many long sleeve tops in my days with AGR and feel that the MTR 141 Longsleeve  is likely the lightest, weighing in at a meager 4.3 ounces (Which I assume is for based on a size small, as Mammut’s website does not specify). Even if you wear a larger size, you will be amazed at how light and airy it feels when on and I would guess that the added fabric would still allow the top to come in at less than 5 ounces total.


The Mammut MTR 141 Longsleeve also dries quickly and helps to keep you dry. I have been wearing the MTR 141 Longsleeve on my morning runs when temperatures are in the upper 30’s to low 60’s F, either solo or overtop a moisture wicking base top. With summer around the corner, I believe that the MTR 141 Longsleeve would also be excellent for even warmer days while hiking or biking, due to its’ breathability. Come winter, the top would also make an excellent base layer as it has flatlock seams, which eliminate any potential chaffing areas and feels nice against bare skin. Despite regular use, the MTR 141 Longsleeve smells like new after each wash, likely thanks to Mammut’s incorporation of Pure-by-HeriQ finish, which is designed to help eliminate bacteria and odors from building up.

When the Mammut MTR 141 Lonsleeve is not in use, you can stash it in your pack and you will barely notice the added weight. I typically do not like having a layer tied around my waist, as the item tends to bounce and become cumbersome or annoying. The MTR 141 Longsleeve is so compact and light that I don’t even notice it when tied around my waist.


In terms of visibility, the MTR 141 Longsleeve has 3 reflective hits to keep you visible: the Mammut logos over the right chest and just below the collar on the back of the top are reflective, as is the Mammut graphic on the left sleeve. These reflectivie The logo is placed over the right chest and just below the collar in the rear. These logos feature reflectivity and has placed two of their logos on the right chest and at the across the shoulders

Sizing of the Mammut MTR 141

The Mammut MTR 141 Longsleeve is available in sizes XS to XL and features an athletic cut. In other words, this top follows the contours of a women’s body and cuts in at the rib cage and torso, and flares out a bit at the hips. I tested out a size small and found that it ran true to size; the center drop length was ideal and the sleeves were plenty long. The sleeves feature an asymmetrical cuffs which translates into a little added sun and weather protection over the outer edge of your hand without affecting the movement of your thumbs.

The Mammut MTR 141 Longsleeve is available for both men and women. This review focused on the women’s model, which is available in three colors: Raspberry, Black, and Spring (a bright green). The men’s top is available in three colors as well: Red, Black, and Green.

MSRP $69

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