Falke Ergonomic Sport System Technical Shirts Review

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Falke Ergonomic Sport System- Technical Shirts

Falke Ergonomic Sport System offered 2 shirts for review.  The first (what I’m calling “olive” green), a lightweight running/hiking shirt with mesh pits and back, has become a favorite after a couple weeks of wearing.  The shirt is incredibly stretchy (see images) and pulls on effortlessly.  The second shirt (what I’ll call “forest” green), a heavier weight, non-mesh shirt also offers incredible flexibility but appears to lose nothing in breathability.

Falke Ergonomic Sport System- Technical Shirts – Performance

I have tested these shirts running, hiking and cycling and they fare well in all three.  The only draw back, for the warmer Colorado days, is the lack of a front zipper.  It always seems nice to have that option, present in the thicker shirt reviewed, but it is not enough to remove this shirt from rotation.  The lighter-weight shirt provides mesh areas in the arm-pits and across the main areas of the back (between the shoulder-blades and from the neckline to the waist).  This provides great cooling while retaining protection from the sun.  While not technically “mesh”, the thicker shirt does provide a section of vent-holes in the arm-pit areas.  On a warmer-day bike ride, neither shirt seemed to draw in the heat from the sun and both provided great wicking functions on descents and breezier sections.

With hiking and running, without the benefit of a downhill-induced breeze, both shirts also offered wicking functions.  The army-green shirt was certainly cooler and dried much faster than the forest green shirt.  That said, the front zipper of the forest green shirt still provided much needed ventilation not present in the former.

Falke Ergonomic Sport System- Technical Shirts -Durability

When out hiking, it is not uncommon to need to “boulder” or contort oneself to get up around or under an obstacle. One of my favorite features of both of these shirts, certainly due to the polyblend of the fabric, is the flexibility. Both shirts offer uncompromising stretch for both putting on and off and for cycling and hiking.

I attempted to show this in the images above, but I’d encourage you to experience it for yourself.  We’re all used to poly blend articles having some level of flexibility, I just felt that these two Falke Ergonomic Sport System Technical Shirts did an exceptional job.

I am also impressed by the overall quality of the shirts themselves.  It becomes obvious, when you start to focus on the little things, when a product is made with quality and durability in mind or if the manufacturer is just trying to get product out the door.  The former is true of Falke, noted below with the detail applied to the stitching in both shirts.

Falke Ergonomic Sport System- Technical Shirts – Details

  • Olive Green (Thinner) shirt
    • Blend 90% Polyester – 10% Elastan
    • Extensive breathable mesh sections (pits and full back areas)
    • High quality, double-stitching throughout
  • Forest Green (thicker shirt)
    • Blend 95% Polyester – 5% Elastan
    • Zipper front
    • Mesh in pit area
    • High quality, double-stitching throughout

Final Thoughts

Overall these shirts are both very well made, durable and flexible enough to withstand anyone’s regular use and abuse.  They both offer high levels of vented, breathable performance. For more info on these shirts and other Falke products, visit www.falke.com.

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