Ibex Crosstown Polo Review

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Commuting can be a great way to start and end your day.  It’s a great way to get your blood going in the morning and starts your day off with a bang, but coming in with sweaty clothes doesn’t always impress your boss or your co-workers.  The Ibex Crosstown Polo is a merino wool polo focused on commuting with both technical and fashion features.

I’ve worn this shirt for both commuting to work and around town and have fell in love with the shirt.  To start, this polo is super soft which makes it a shirt you want to wear everyday.  It’s made of 100% merino wool, so beyond the soft touch, it also naturally fights away your body’s smells.

Ibex Crosstown Polo Fit

The fit of the Ibex Crosstown Polo tends to lean towards the athletic side.  I personally like this as many polo’s cater towards the middle aged overweight golfer.  I weigh 173lbs and I am 6’0 tall and found the size medium to fit perfect.  The polo is long enough to tuck in your pants when you first buy it, but with time it shrinks a tiny bit making it a little stretch to tuck in.  I find that I tend to have a little wider shoulders than some and found the shirt to work with my body well.  The sleeves fit well, they don’t hug your armpits which help in preventing wet armpits.  The last thing you want is to walk into a business meeting and have huge pit stains…

Shirt Style and Ibex Quality

The style of the Ibex Crosstown Polo aligns closely with the fit.  A good fit equals good style in my opinion.  I tested out the heather gray color and found it to have a really nice business casual look.  The one main distinction to this polo is the stripe down the back of the shirt.  This is great for commuting, but I feel sometimes like I’m a Audi with a racing stripe down the middle.  I haven’t received any negative comments after two months of testing, so I think you should be safe.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the Ibex Crosstown Polo and I’m happy to give this shirt two thumbs up.  The one downside that some people may have is the price point of $130, but higher price tags often come with merino wool products.  For more information, visit Ibex.com.

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