Ibex Woolies 220 Zip T Review

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As most of you know by now, one of the best ways to manage your body temperature is to layer your clothing so when you get hot, you can shed a layer and add a layer when you start to get a little chilly.  The Ibex Woolies 220 Zip T is best suited for the first layer you put on.

Given this is a new product, I wanted to see how it performed while using it for outdoor activities, its intended purpose.  To start, the Woolie 220 Zip T is made from 100% Zque New Zealand Merino Wool which has been known to perform well while using for outdoor activities.  I tested my Woolie out while skiing the slopes at Breckenridge and winter hiking in the Colorado Rockies.  As this is a baselayer, I wore this shirt as my next to skin layer during my activities.  The fit of the 220 Zip T is pretty snug, so it would be hard to use this shirt over another shirt.  The advantage of having a shirt that is tight is that it can better pull moisture off your body and wick it to the outer layers for it to evaporate.  I am 6’0 tall and 175lbs and I found the body of the shirt to just fit as far as length goes, but the arms were plenty long.  I found it a little odd as the body was short and the arms were long which I don’t run into too many people with that body type.

I thought the fabric was a little itchy when I first put on the Ibex Woolies 220 Zip T, but as soon as I started my activity, this feeling went away.  As I started to exert more energy and heat up, I used the zip to help vent my body heat out a little which was nice.  Most days I go out, I usually wear a quarter or half zip so I can better regulate my body temperature.  These tend to be a little more expensive, but I find it’s usually worth it in the long run.  The fabric is ribbed on this shirt which gives it a subtle textured look and stands out a little more than a non textured shirt.

If you end up liking this shirt, there are also boxer briefs, long underwear, and long sleeve crews in the Woolies line.

For more info on the Woolies 220 Zip T and other Ibex products, visit www.ibex.com.

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