LL Bean PrimaLoft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full-Zip Review

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The LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip will win your heart over from the moment you try it on.  This hoodie is not only a rock star in the field, but it keeps you styling around town.  The Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip is insulated with Primaloft Gold Active through the front, back and hood to provide warmth in areas that you need it and fleece for areas that you want to breath.

Testing the LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip

Through all of my testing with the LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip, I have nothing but good things to say.  There are pieces in your gear collection that quickly become part of your daily routine such as the Patagonia Nano Puff and other products that have become staples for outdoorsy people.

LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip testing with everyday use

The Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip works for those cool summer nights, but it also works well when temperatures really start to cool down.  Living in the mountains of Colorado, most nights are a little colder where you need a sweatshirt or a light jacket.  This hoodie has been perfect for those temps that range between 40-60 degrees F when you want to knock the chill off. When you’re active, this hoodie is best used in cooler temps because of the use of fleece and Primaloft.  I find that it’s a little bulkier, so you can fit it under a looser fitting shell, but a softshell and this hoodie would be a little overkill in most cold weather situations.

Mountain Pro Hoodie Details

The lining of the LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip is a 100% polyester mesh, which prevents it feeling like a true fleece jacket or hoodie and also allows it to wick moisture away from the body.  It has two large inner pockets that are great to stash things such as ski goggles or winter gloves.  They also work well to store cold beverages if you’re walking around town and trying to conceal your drink choice.  There are also two zippered pockets on the outside of the hoodie which are great for securing keys, cell phones, a wallet or anything else that you don’t want to lose.

On those colder days where the wind kicks up or you forgot your beanie, the hood for the Primaloft Mountain Pro is insulated with Primaloft Gold Active to keep your head warm.  It also cinches down to keep out the wind and the cold in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Benefits of Primaloft

Since Primaloft is a major component of what makes this hoodie amazing, I feel that I need to give a little explanation for those who might not know about the textile/brand.  The main benefit is that it’s a type of insulation that provides a lot of warmth that takes up a small amount of space.  Other benefits include not retaining water, being able to dry out quickly and it’s incredibly compact for when you’re traveling or layer it’s soft to the touch.  Feel free to check out Primaloft.com for more information.

Hoodie Fit an Style

For the fit, I’ve found it to be a little roomy, although the LL Bean website says this has a trim fit.  I am 6’0 tall and 173 lbs and I feel the size medium works great if you want to wear a layer underneath or you want to wear it around town.  The sleeves of this Primaloft Hoodie are just right, not too short or not too long.

I’ve received several compliments on the LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip.  When I tell people it is LL Bean, they are often surprised because of the old school LL Bean stigma of it’s a brand your parents or grandparents would wear.  This is no longer the case and I have quickly become a fan of LL Bean’s technical apparel line.

Final Thoughts

As you might imagine from reading the review, I am a HUGE fan of the LL Bean Primaloft Mountain Pro Hoodie Full Zip and I highly recommend this piece for both active and non active people alike.  Check it out at LLBean.com,

Price: $129 and worth every penny!

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