Mammut Runbold Shorts Review

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As I am often out traveling and taking on new adventures, finding the right apparel is important to me.  Over the last few months I have been testing out the Mammut Runbold Shorts for travel, hiking, and casual wear.  In this review, you will see the my thoughts on the styling, performance, fit, and features.


The styling of the Mammut Runbold shorts definitely has the sporty/active person in mind.  Given that the shorts are made of a stretch nylon fabric, it can limit the situations where you wear them depending on your dress style.  For me, I was comfortable wearing them everywhere, but in Colorado dress code is not too fancy.  The length of the Runbold shorts is a little below the knee which is a little long for me normally, but I got used to the length very fast and it was a non-issue.  The styling feature that I like most about the Mammut Runbold Shorts is the zipper accents.  I tested out the gray/turquoise color combo and I really like the look.  I typically test out grey shorts and they can sometimes be a little dull, not these!


As performance is one of the most important aspects I look for in apparel, I found the Mammut Runbold Shorts to live up to my expectations and beyond.  To start, all the pockets are zippered which is super helpful in my opinion.  I recently traveled to Costa Rica with these shorts where you have to be careful with your valuables.  Having zippered pockets made me feel a little more at ease while traveling internationally.  Zippered pockets are also helpful so your wallet, keys, cell phone, etc don’t accidentally fall out of your pockets.  As I used these shorts for hiking and trail running, I found the shorts to stretch with the motion of my legs as the fabric is stretch nylon.  On the inside of the Runbold Shorts, there are flat locked seems that help prevent chaffage which can be a nuisance on longer hikes or runs.  The material is stretchy and lightweight, which makes these shorts ideal for activities and travel.  As the humidity levels in Costa Rica seem to be 500% all the time, I found the shorts to stay dry almost all the time and when they did get wet, they dried off very fast.


I tested out the size 34 Runbold Shorts and they fit me for the most part.  I am normally a size 32 waist, but with European companies you often have to size up if you are an American.  They do fit a little loose at times depending on how many donuts I eat, but when they get too loose I either add another donut to my diet or wear a belt.  The legs of the shorts is a loose fit, but not too loose where the fabric gets you in your way.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Mammut Runbold Shorts for all my activities and adventures.

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