Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T Review

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When it come to active wear, Mountain Hardwear is no stranger.  They’ve been making quality products for some time now and they only continue to grow.  In the recent times, I’ve been testing out the Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T which is a great top for active pursuits from running, skiing, hiking, and anything where you want to blend comfort and breathability.

Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T Performance

The Mountain Hardwear Intregral Zip T has been a perfect companion for my mild winter run days.  The best temperatures I found this long sleeve zip T range between 40-60F.  On the warmer days when I started to heat up a little, all I needed to do was zip down the shirt a little and I was set.  This also was the case while using the shirt for hiking, backcountry skiing, and skiing at some of my favorite resorts such as Vail, Beaver Creek, and Steamboat.

One of the main reasons outside of the Zip in this top this shirt performs is the fabric used.  The Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T uses a blend of both merino wool and polypropylene which provides the user the best of both worlds.  The synthetic material gives the shirt durability and breathability and the merino wool provides a soft finish that feels great next to skin, provides a little more warmth, and it also does a really nice job at breathing.  The blend ratio for the Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T is 60% merino wool and 40% polypropylene.


I tested out the Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T in a size M and I found the shirt to be a perfect fit.  I am 6’0 and 173lbs and found the shirt to be semi fitted, meaning it wasn’t too snug nor too baggy.  Just right!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am a big fan of the Mountain Hardwear Integral Zip T for almost any activity you can throw at its way.  Aside from performance, it doesn’t look too shabby either!  For more information, visit

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