Opedix Core-Tec Shorts Review

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Lots of companies claim to sell products which will enhance your performance during whatever your activity of choice is. Very few actually back up the benefits of using their product with scientific data – such as the scientific data behind the creation of the Opedix Core-Tec Shorts. Opedix is one of those companies which has more science behind their products than you’ll ever need to know. If you’re a geek like me, take the time to peruse the findings at www.opedix.com. If not, feel free to read on.

I’m always a bit skeptical of these sorts of products – it’s very rarely been my experience that items claiming to reduce all sorts of soreness and cure all the evils of working hard at a sport actually work. The folks over there, though, were kind enough to send me the Opedix Core-Tec Shorts for review despite my admitted reservations.

The Opedix Core-Tec Shorts, shown on yours truly.

Testing the Opedix Core-Tec Shorts

I was able to test these shorts out pretty thoroughly, as these things go. I took them on four different training runs of middle to long distance; each run was no shorter than 10 miles, and the miles just went up from there. These distances are effective training grounds for this sort of product, though, as muscle fatigue will set in quickly during any repetitive motion, be it running or otherwise. Since they fit similar to bike shorts, I also took the Opedix Core-Tec Shorts on a quick 18 mile training ride (combined with padded briefs, of course) when my bib shorts accidentally didn’t get washed one week (and I ain’t wearing those twice!).

The fit and finish on the shorts are excellent.

On my long runs, the shorts were (in a word) remarkable. I completely forgot I was wearing them during all of my training runs/rides. This is how well they fit and function – you don’t even notice they are there. I suspected that this was a testament to how well they were functioning, so my 5th long run (of 12 miles), I left the shorts at home. What a mistake! On this run, I definitely felt the lack of core stabilization. Everything else was similar for these runs – same shoes, same trail, same hills. Nothing changed, with the exception of the Opedix Core-Tec Shorts. I suspect that most of the secret lies in the construction of the panels, and how high the rise of the shorts is – they come well above the navel. Most probably, they add an extra layer of support to muscles which are already working hard, and thus delay the effects of fatigue that long distance running perpetuates. Bad running form will take longer to set in, and overall the distance will be more comfortable. Needless to say, I’m a fan, and probably won’t leave home without them on long distances.

Small details, like the Opedix Core-Tec Shorts logo, make the product feel quality.

The color options are fairly limited, as they are designed to be worn underneath other clothing; as of the date of this review, they only had two color options for men and two for women. At a price point of $165, they are a bit spendy; once you try them out for a few runs, though, you’ll be converted. Head on over to www.opedix.com to check them out for yourself, and if you’re up to it, bone up on some science.

Zachary Rodasti: Zach's been testing gear with Active Gear Review since day one of the site, and just generally loves being outside doing any outdoor activity. He and his wife race year round, prefer long distance endurance events, and have raced marathons in multiple states nationwide. Recently, Zach added triathlons to his list of endeavors, and has competed in all distances up to a half iron. He has two young boys who are full of energy and get into all sorts of trouble on a regular basis - just like him.
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