Patagonia Silkweight Boxers Review

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While many of us have tossed aside our cotton tees and socks for polyester in our adventures, many of us guys are still wearing cotton boxers during our activities.  Over the last few years, I’ve slowly been transitioning my cotton boxers and boxer briefs out for polyester and merino wool underwear.  And there is a good reason for this, cotton boxers and boxer briefs don’t do a good job of wicking away the moisture/sweat and when it gets wet down there, it can make life very uncomfortable.

I’ve been testing out the Patagonia Silk Weight Boxers over the last couple months in various activities where you want your gear to perform.  The first place I tested these boxers out was while traveling in Europe for two weeks.  I ended up doing a ton of walking and not only did the Patagonia Silk Weight Boxers keep me dry, they also were extremely comfortable.  The finish of the polyester in these boxers is super smooth, so it’s not only smooth and comfy on your butt, but also on the inside of your legs where you are more prone to chaffage.  Another nice feature of these boxers is that they use Patagonia’s Gladiodor Odor Control which does a great job of keeping the fabric fresh smelling.  While traveling, I didn’t get a chance to wash the boxers much and they much to my surprise, they smelled good most of the trip.

Aside from traveling, these boxers work great for almost any activity you can come up with.  I’ve tested these boxers out during winter running under tights, hiking, working out at the gym, and skiing.  For durability, I own a pair of older Patagonia Silkweight Boxers that are about 7 years old and they are still going strong.  Given the fact these boxers really haven’t changed much except for the prints they use, I expect these polyester boxers to last 10 years plus.  If I had one beef with these boxers is that the design could use a little work, but that can be said with most boxers.

Overall, the Patagonia Silkweight Boxers perform like a rock star and you can be sure they won’t disappoint.

MSRP $32  For more information on the Silkweight Boxers and other Patagonia products, visit 

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