prAna Stretch Zion Short Review

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prAna Stretch Zion Short

Following in the footsteps of its older brother the Stretch Zion Pant, the Stretch Zion Short does not disappoint. With my Stretch Zion Pants going strong after 8 years, I was very eager to see how the Stretch Zion Short would perform. And while I can’t give you my feedback after wearing these shorts for 8 years, I can give you my first impression after testing them out for a few months.


The fit of the prAna Stretch Zion shorts is loose to baggy. I am a size 32 waist and normal width legs and I found the size medium to fit a little baggy, but that is the way I prefer them to fit. I personally don’t like a short or pair of pants where the material hugs your legs. I like shorts to get a little wider in the bottom so I can have a good range of motion whether it is for hiking, bouldering, or enjoying a tasty microbrew at the local pub. The length of the Stretch Zion Shorts fit about knee length for me, I’m 6’0 ft tall.


The Stretch Zion Shorts are made of a stretchy nylon that has a little spring to it. This I find comes in handy when you are trying to work your full range of motion in different activities. The crotch of these shorts is gusseted which helps in the flexibility and keeps them from busting at the seams. In the crotch area, there are a few small holes that allow for venting which prAna tends to use in a lot of their technical pants and shorts. This is a nice feature as it tends to heat up downstairs the more active we get. These shorts have a built in adjustable belt that can allow you to cinch down or out depending on your waist size. These shorts best fit a waist sized 32-34.  In the past, I have found this belt to not cinch down far enough on some of prAna’s pants, but they got it right in the Stretch Zion Short.

For pockets, you get two mesh pockets up from that have plenty of room to carry all your small items. If you have too much in your front pockets, they do look a little funny though.  here is also a cargo pocket on one side for additional storage which also helps cut down on the too much in your pockets look. On the back of the shorts, you get two pockets, one has a zipper to help secure your wallet.


In the end, I really liked the prAna Stretch Zion Short for both function and fashion. They perform great out in the field and I am comfortable in the shorts looks while headed out to a casual dinner or a summer BBQ. For more information on the Stretch Zion Short and other prAna products visit or

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