RecoFIT Leg Compressors Review

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RecoFIT is a new company based in Boulder, Colorado producing high-quality compression garments for athletes. I recently tested the RecoFit Leg Compressor sleeves and have been quite impressed with their quality of materials and construction. I am a runner and cyclist, and I’m not exactly a spring chicken anymore, so recovery is very important to me these days. Being able to come back from a hard effort and be 100% again as quickly as possible is a key part of maximizing the effects of training, and compression technology can help get you back on top of your game faster. For those not familiar with compression technology, the idea is that post-workout, a garment like these can encourage blood flow in the legs and help the body push lactic acid built up during your run out of your legs. The desired effects include faster recovery of the muscles, less fatigue and soreness and quicker return to peak form.

This particular garment is a pull-on thigh-high tight which I found to be very practical because I could easily slip them on after a race or group run without changing my clothes. The tops of the sleeves have a substantial elastic band with grip strip on the inside to help keep the sleeves up. I felt that the grippers could be a bit stronger, as anything other than sitting on the couch seems to cause these to creep down my legs, but I think this issue could easily be fixed by adding a more substantial strip of grip material.

Where the RecoFit product shines is in its materials and construction. The number of panels and different materials in this garment is pretty staggering. You can tell some engineers have been geeking out over the design of these to maximize the compression effect! The back of the knee area, for instance, has a more open mesh material that breathes well and doesn’t bind up when the legs are flexed. This feature really enhances comfort. The Resistex™ fabrics used are carbon-infused for durability and odor-prevention. The leg compressors are also designed to be right- and left-leg specific, and have a label on the inside indicating right/left and which face is the front – great idea.

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Adam B: Adam is an outdoor sports enthusiast with a specific passion for running, racing, cycling, and triathlon. When he's not out racking up miles in Denver, Colorado, he runs a small graphic design and web firm. Adam enjoys all types of outdoor adventures in the beautiful Colorado mountains!
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