Smartwool PhD Seamless 6″ Boxer Briefs Review

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Boxers are often one of those pieces of clothing that are necessary for most of us guys, but we rarely shop for them.  If you’re an active guy, you usually use one or two pairs of the same boxers for every activity because you know you can depend on them.  I am here to tell you that the Smartwool PhD Seamless 6″ Boxer Briefs are the perfect addition to your trusted active boxer collection.

My Testing

Whether it’s running, hiking, traveling, or everyday use, the PhD Seamless Boxer Briefs can keep up with you stride for stride.  My first time testing them, I took them on a trip to Italy where we walked and ran an average of 19 miles a day for 9 days straight.  On this trip, I only used one pair of underwear, the Smartwool PhD Seamless 6′ Boxer Briefs with no washing.  I figured why not test out Smartwools claim to no stink merino.  After we returned home on the 10th day, I am pleased to say these boxers had no stink to speak of and they kept their form.  Yes, my wife thought it was gross that I was wearing the same boxers all day and everyday with exception to our runs because I used running shorts with a liner.  I brought a few extra pair of boxers just in case they didn’t perform, but I was extremely pleased through this test.

Boxer Brief Uses

I’ve since used the boxers for hiking, commuting to the office, working out at the gym, doing yard work, and everyday life.  These boxer briefs dry fairly quickly assuming your shorts or pants allow for some sort of ventilation.

Smartwool PhD Seamless 6″ Boxer Briefs Fit

The fit of the Smartwool PhD Seamless 6′ Boxer Briefs is snug, but not too snug.  The material blend is 71% merino wool for breathability and no stink, 23 % nylon for structural integrity of the fabric, and 6% spandex to give you the snug fit and keep things in place.  The fabric varies in texture and thickness throughout the boxer to maximize breathability and to give more or less shape where you want and need it.  To me, it almost feels like a pair of bike shorts minus the liner.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the performance of the Smartwool PhD Seamless 6′ Boxer Briefs and I am happy to recommend these to any active guy out there looking for a quality set of boxer briefs that will last 10+ years.  For more information, please visit or

MSRP: $48

Colors: Black, bright green, orange, blue

Sizes: S-XL


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  • Need a little help with sizing, you seem to be a medium in most things, and I think we're around the same size. Would you say these fit true to size, do they shrink at all? Is medium a good fit? or if I want a bit looser fit is Large going to be huge or pretty good.

    • Hi Tim, I find that the medium fits like a true medium and the fit remains true. I am usually a 32 or 33 around the waist. Hope this helps!

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