tasc Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts Review

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tasc Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts

The tasc Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts are versatile, comfortable underwear for your most grueling workouts.  These really do keep you cool, dry and comfortable.  Having tried numerous different poly-pro, poly, nylon, cotton and (insert new fabric type here) styles, these are standing head and shoulders above the rest.

tasc Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts – Performance

Straight out of the package, these shorts were comfortable.  Many athletic shorts are tight or “snug” right out of the gate.  The tasc Performance Ventilated Compression shorts were like wearing nothing at all.  I did not feel any seam lines or waist-band tightness.  After a 2-hour mountain bike ride (ascent and descent), the shorts also did not ride up at all and provided more support than my actual cycling shorts.  That part was the most surprising.  I wore a loose-fitting pair of running shorts over them (which would normally be taboo on a cycle) and it was one of the more comfortable rides I’ve had in a while.

I recognize this review sounds very one-sided, but I really am impressed by the feel and performance of these shorts.  I have worn them 4 times now and washed them each time (machine wash, tumble dry).  My only concern is with the waistband/stitching.  Each time I pull them up, I hear small snaps (like tiny rubber bands breaking).  I am 175 pounds and 5’10”.  I don’t have huge legs or much butt, so I don’t think it is my physique that is the issue.  I will update this review after a few more wearings and see if the waistband has held up and if the snapping stops.  They will either give out and lose their support or the snaps will stop and they will have just been “growing pains” for a brand new pair of shorts.

My latest test for the tasc Performance Ventilated Compression shorts was a normal work-out at the gym.  This involved a 10-minute warmup with jumping jacks and a jump rope, normal free-weight work and a 45 minute ride on the stationary bike.  Once again, these shorts performed admirably.  The warm-up was met with adequate support and the bike ride involved no “riding-up” like normal cotton under-shorts.  The other great part of these shorts, noticeable on all of my tests, was the mesh front section.  This area is typically a focus for heat and sweat and the more ventilated section here makes a world of difference.  Again, like wearing “nothing at all”, this thinner region made for more air-flow, less sweat and overall better comfort.  I have added a close-up of this section so you can see exactly how it appears on the shorts.

tasc Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts Close-up

Lastly, because of the design and fabric, the Tacs Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts dry very quickly.  Colorado provides some dry air to begin with, so the more humid climates may have different effects.  After a long workout, these were hung over the back of a desk-chair and were dry to the touch in under an hour.  They also did not appear to harbor any foul smells, but I will continue to test this and see how well they perform after more use.

tasc Performance Ventilated Compression Shorts – Details

  • Compression Fit
  • 9” inseam
  • MOSOflow™ mesh front and back paneling
  • Strategic contrast seams
  • 55% Organic Cotton/ 35% Viscose from Bamboo/10% Elastane

Final Thoughts

I took this shot with a little back-lighting so you can see the vented area.

In general, my active wear / underwear wardrobe has been limited to cotton and poly-pro.  I have been hunting for an all-season compression short that is breathable, lightweight and will dry quickly.  The tasc Ventilated Compression shorts are my new favorites.  I am looking forward to colder temps to arrive so I can test them while backcountry skiing.  It is necessary to have shorts that provide support and wick moisture away from the body in those cold temps.  I think these shorts will now be a regular part of my workouts, regardless of the season. MSRP: $28. Visit www.amazon.com/tascperformance for more information on the Ventilated Compression shorts and other tasc products.

Jason Robie: Jason Robie is the owner of Ridgeview Technology, LLC. He's worked in various positions including ski patrol, auto mechanic, irrigation technician at a golf course and back country care-taker for AMC. Currently, Ridgeview Technology supports clients from New Hampshire to Utah doing Social Media Project Management, Search Engine Optimization and custom web site deveopment. When not clicking away on his trusty mac, he is an avid cyclist (mostly road), hiker (all-season), skier, snowboarder, back-country tree skier and really up for anything that gets him outside in any season and any weather.
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