The North Face Surgent Full Zip Hoodie Review

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One of my favorite types of clothing over the years has been a full zip hoodie.  They seem to be one of the most versatile pieces of gear as they are great mid layers for colder months and they work great as your outer layer in the warmer months.

I have recently been testing out The North Face Surgent Full Zip Hoodie to see how it compares to the other fleece hoodies in my closet.  For starters, the Surgent hoodie has a relaxed fit which is good for more causal activities verses a fleece hoodie that is fitted.  I have found the fleece hoodies that are fitted do a better job with layering while the relaxed fitted hoodies can be more difficult to use as a layer unless you are using a baggier jacket.  For fit guidance, I am 6’0 and 174lbs and a size medium fit me well.


I find the TNF Surgent Full Zip Hoodie to be a little relaxed when it comes to features.  Since this piece is not intended to be super technical, you will not see a bunch of super fancy features.  This Surgent hoodie has two pockets on the outside , but they are not zippered.  While I did not lose any items while wearing the Surgent, I think it would be nice to have zippered pockets.  On the inside of one of the pockets, you get a small pouch that can hold an iPod.  This pouch is similar to the size of a key pocket on a pair of running shorts, so you can’t place your phone in here.

The TNF Surgent has thumb-holes on each sleeve so you in case it gets chilly out, you can keep your hands and wrist warm.  Thumb-holes are often seen on more technical pieces of clothing, but I am not opposed to having them on less technical pieces such as the Surgent Full Zip Hoodie.

I find that I use the TNF Surgent Hoodie most for cooler summer days in the mountains of Colorado and mild summer nights.  Depending on where you live, wearing anything with might or might not be an option in the summer.  I also like to take the TNF Surgent Hoodie on colder hikes as it blocks the wind a little and breaths well when I start to heat up.

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