Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket and Vest Review

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When I’m out exercising, all I aim for is to have the back of my shirt, vest, jacket soaked with sweat. This is probably the last thing that you are thinking when you’re out ski touring, running, or hiking in the cooler temps. We usually need a little extra insulation to keep our chest area and arms warm, but heating up the back doesn’t take much effort. After 5 minutes of activity, the back starts to heat up and if you don’t have a breathable jacket or vest, you’re clothing is going to look like you’ve been doing snow angels all day long in spring ski conditions.

Patagonia Nano-Air to Nano-Air Light Hybrid

The Patagonia Nano-Air has long been a popular jacket and vest within Patagonia’s insulation line, but some complaints, including mine is that there is too much insulation when you’re active. With the Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket and Vest, you get a small amount of the warmth we like in the Nano-Air, 40 grams of stretch polyester insulation in specific, but what’s more important is you get truck loads in breathability. This is not necessarily something new in the world of outdoor industry clothing, it’ just Patagonia’s take on a insulated yet truly breathable jacket and vest.

Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket and Vest Features

nano air hybrid breathable stretch polyester

The breathable knit material on the Nano-Air Light Hybrid back and sides is super stretchy that allows the material stay close to your body when you have them zipped up yet it doesn’t feel like a compression sock on your body. To keep the jacket from riding up on your back when you are using a pack, there is an elastic band around the bottom of both jacket and vest. This also provides a nice fitted look.

To keep the Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket and Vest from smelling after usage, both are treated with Polygiene which allows you to wear the Nano-Air Hybrids more and reduce the number of times you wash the products.  Having tested a number of products incorporating Polygiene over the years, I have to say I trust treatment because plain and simple, it works. This is especially important in clothing that you use for high intensity activities such as the Nano Hybrid Jacket and Vest.

Both the Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket and Vest are lightweight and take up a small amount of room. This makes both of them perfect for layering or using them on their own. I typically wear the vest on its own for ski touring and Shannon our female tester also uses the full jacket for ski touring as she tends to get a little colder. When a cold wind really picks up, the jacket and vest slide underneath a rain or wind shell with ease.

Nano-Air Hybrid Jacket and Vest Fit


The fit of the Patagonia Nano-Air Hybrid Jacket and Vest belong in the athletic cut fit category. While they both have a slimmer fit, the stretchiness of the fabric provides of forgiveness allow both of them to fit true to size through our testing’s.

Final Thoughts

The Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Jacket and Vest were both very well thought out. Both of these had specific audiences in mind when designing them and it shows that both the jacket and vest were intended for the active crowd. For more information, visit

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