The North Face Ampere Core Shorts Review

Dan Brosious

Dan is a life-long runner and outdoor enthusiast, who grew up hiking, camping, and skiing in the northeast. Dan was a competitive runner through college, where he participated as a decathlete. While living in Arizona, he took up trail running to bring the excitement back to running. Dan has since finished several ultra-runs, including the infamous Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim traverse of the Grand Canyon. Dan currently lives in Colorado with his wife and kids, who have introduced him to even more activities. Did you know they have triathlons for 4 year olds?

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2 Responses

  1. johnny moses says:

    What I would like to know is if these shorts stick to the legs fairly well. Say for example when doing upside down bicycles or lower ab leg up crunches, all the shorts I use now when I do those type of exercises, the legs part slide down my legs and sometimes all the way to my crotch, which is generally not a big deal but i guess it kind of is when other people in the gym or studio are around. So do you know if the short legs stay in place or do they fall down the legs when doing upside down workouts?

    Thanks for the great review on these shorts.

  2. Dan Brosious says:

    These shorts are made of a tougher material than your typical mesh shorts, and because of that do not ride down as much as you would expect. Per your comment, I tried them while performing crunches with legs fully extended upwards, as well as scissors and other exercises with legs up. The shorts gave me at least 4 inches of coverage above the crotch. I also added a pic above of me doing a handstand to give you an idea of how they perform (this was about 5 seconds in to the handstand). I hope this helps.

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