Omala Bamboo Ipod Capri and Gaia Halter Top Review

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I have been practicing yoga for ten years and I’ve tried a lot of brands and styles, typically taking my queues from others in class. I know, I know.  My attention should be inwardly-focused.  Most of the time it is.  But I have to admit that, sometimes in downward dog, I think, “I wonder where she bought those pants?” Sun salutation: “Wow. That racerback makes her look so strong”.   I hadn’t yet seen Omala apparel in class, so I was looking forward to, at long last, being the object of other people’s distraction.

Omala is a thoughtfully-inspired lifestyle brand (the word means Source of Life), and the active wear they make moves easily from the yoga studio to the street.  It lends its Brooklyn vibe to the design of pieces that are hip, eco-friendly, and functional. They use sustainable materials like bamboo to not only create a high-quality fabric, but also to reduce our carbon footprint.

I was a bamboo virgin.  Omala was my first bamboo clothing experience, and I am hooked.  When I took the capri pants and halter top out of the bag I couldn’t wait to try them on.  They draped so nicely in my hands, I knew they were going to feel wonderful on my body.

Bamboo Ipod Capri

The super-soft Bamboo Ipod Capri is a comfortable and a flattering workout option.  This capri is classified as ‘low to mid rise’, which is a popular choice for most.  For me, however, they sit a bit too low, because (thanks to three kids) I will always have little extra around the middle.  No matter how fit I am.  Even when others can’t see it, I feel the dreaded ‘muffin top’.   And if I pull them up higher, well…never mind.   So while the rise is perfectly comfortable for yoga, I have chosen to pair the Ipod Capri with tops that are slightly looser (like the below Gaia), so I can focus on my poses and not my midriff neurosis.   Around town, they look great as leggings under a long sweater or tunic.   Omala thoughtfully placed a pocket on the side of the capri that is perfect for carrying your gym card, your music, or your latte money.

The Bamboo Ipod Capri is a combined Bamboo /Cotton /Spandex fabrication, which delivers amazing breathability, softness, and fit.

It runs true to size based on the Omala sizing chart, in XS-L.

The Omala Bamboo Ipod Capri is available in two colors: Navy and Black.  MSRP $65.00.

Gaia Halter Top

I had always coveted yoga tops with open backs (they look so great on the cover models of Yoga Journal), but when I think ‘halter’, I think ‘no bra’, and the myriad of things that could potentially go wrong there.   So the Gaia Halter Top was my long-awaited experiment.

The Gaia Halter Top is form-meets-function, with beautiful styling that works as hard as you do.  The draped material in the front flatters the torso, and also serves as vents when you start to sweat.  The Gaia Halter Top contains 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, allowing it to breathe wonderfully, and dry quickly. The bust is fitted enough to prevent sagging and slipping, but remains shapely (i.e. no jogbra-esque flattening).   The bra underlayer is dense enough to keep things modest, though the dark colors or patterns help here.  Note that the support is perfectly appropriate for gym, pilates, or yoga, but it is not intended to be a running top.   Pose after pose, class after class, this top moved right with me.  Zero embarrassing halter moments.

True to the Omala mission, I probably had just as many fun outings as I had deep stretches in this cute top.  I often just threw a cardigan over it and wore it around town.

The Omala Gaia Halter Top is available in Black, Meteorite, and Purple Paisley.

MSRP $65.00.

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