Asics Kinsei Classic Low Cut Sock Review

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The reinforced heel and toe are a nice touch, as well. I didn’t get any irritation around any of the seams.

Often overlooked, running socks are an extremely important component of any runner’s wardrobe. I’ve seen many a consumer get sold on the latest and greatest running shoe after complaining to the salesperson of blisters, discomfort, and sweaty feet. What all salespeople know (and don’t ever tell the average runner) is that a good pair of socks can cure all of that.

Meet the Kinsei from Asics. Sure, the price point is a bit steep at $16/pair – but after a few test runs in these, I found that not only is the Kinsei worth every penny, it also has become my favorite sock for multi-discipline events, especially those which involve any sort of water. But I get ahead of myself a bit. Right away, I noticed the texture and high cut of the ankle band on the sock. I look for both of these features every time I look for running socks. In terms of texture, I simply like a soft feel to the sock, but not downy soft. You want the socks to last mile after mile (and wash after wash). Also, nothing will end your race quicker than a bloody heel, and nothing is more annoying when you look down in the middle of the race and see that your sock has fallen into your shoe, leaving a big gaping mess where smooth skin used to be. The Kinsei stayed put mile after mile for me.


The reinforced heel and toe are a nice touch, as well. I didn’t get any irritation around any of the seams.

Asics employed two major components in the design of the Kinsei – cutec and nano glide. As for the first, I can’t really say if it’s working or not. Asics claims that their Cutec technology inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and helps to restore skin cells. As I don’t have any method for testing for bacterial growth in my shoes, I’ll have to take their word for it. If they’re talking about smell, some people have smelly feet, some don’t. I don’t, when I wear socks. Case closed. Naturally, I was skeptical of any other claims after reading this first one, but I have to give it to them, Asics is spot on with “nano glide.” This technology wicks away moisture and prevents blistering/hot spots on your feet. What better way to test this than a swim followed by a run? After several brick workouts, I found that the Kinsei really did a great job keeping my feet dry, even after my skin was water logged from a long swim. Normally after such workouts, I’d be fairly blister prone, but not so here. Asics also claims that nano glide prevents the sock from breaking down after several wash cycles. I’ve only washed them a half dozen times so far, but so far, so good.

For my shorter runs and/or gym workouts, I won’t be reaching for the kinsei – but for any long distance run or run where my feet will get wet, this is now my first choice.For more info on the Kinsei and other Asics products, visit


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