Darn Tough Ski Sock Review

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Captain Stripe Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock

One very important piece of ski equipment that is often overlooked is a quality pair of ski socks. An ill fitting pair of ski socks can lead to poor fitting boots or worse yet a blister. Over the last couple of seasons I have switched to ultralight ski socks, which have not only kept my feet warm, but also increased comfort during those long ski days. One downside I have run into is durability. I have been paying twenty plus dollars for quality ski socks and not getting more than a season worth of use out of them. Well look no further then the Darn Tough Sock Company out of Vermont which not only offers a lifetime warranty on all their socks, but also makes one heck of a comfortable ski sock. I am a big fan of ultralight ski socks, so I was pretty excited to try out the Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock.

Darn Tough uses a seamless toe for added comfort

Darn Tough Sock Company

A little over ten years ago the Darn Tough Sock Company decided they were going to make socks and only socks. Darn Tough’s goal was to make the perfect sock. If you ask the company they might say they aren’t quite there, but are constantly looking for ways to improve their sock lines. I would say they are pretty close to their original goal. Darn Tough offers a variety of sock lines including hiking, biking, skiing, lifestyle, hunting, gym, and work socks. Darn Tough offers most lines in men and women specific sizes and have a couple of options for kids.

All of their socks feature a mix of merino wool, nylon, and lycra. Every sock has a different mixture depending on the intended use and whether it is cushioned or ultralight. All socks are crafted with fine gauge knitting allowing the socks to hug your foot for increased comfort and to minimize any slipping or bunching.  As I said earlier the best part of the company is that they stand behind their products and every sock comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Even with the lifetime warranty I don’t see you needing to use it, I have had a pair of their biking socks for almost three years and they look almost the same as the day I bought them! No other sock will stand up like that!

Stars and Stripes Design


My goal over the last month was to put the Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock trough the ringer and see if it lived up to its name. I have been wearing the socks during long resort days and during some all day ski tours. From the first time I skied in them I have been impressed. The socks fit perfect right out of the package and the fine gauge knitting had the socks hugging my feet. The upper portion of the sock has a ribbed knit that contoured to my calf preventing any slipping. The ribbed knit has been a big plus of these socks and I have yet to have the socks slip down on me while skiing. Something I was worried about the first time I took them out was getting blisters during a ski tour in Steamboat Springs. By the end of the day not only did I not have a single blister, but the Merino wool mixture kept my feet dry and just the right temperature throughout the day.

One feature of the Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock that added comfort were the invisible seams in the toes. Darn Tough uses a terry loop design to create the invisible seams. Since I was testing the ultralight version of the sock there wasn’t very much cushion in the shins, but  I had very little shin discomfort and didn’t notice anymore pain than with other ultralight ski socks I have used in the past. If this is a concern for you, Darn Though does offer a padded ultralight ski sock option as well. As for durability goes I have washed the socks a few times now and haven’t noticed any wear or balling of the wool. If the patriotic look is not your cup of tea, no worries Darn Tough offers the ultralight ski socks in a few different plain designs as well as a couple other fun designs.

Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock

Final Thoughts

It may not be the sexiest of equipment, but I can tell you one thing whether you are skiing or biking a poor quality sock can ruin your day in a hurry. If you’re looking for a durable quality made sock then look no further than the Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock. I have enjoyed every day I have skied in them so far and look forward to using more products from Darn Tough in the future. The Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Sock has a price which is comparable with any other wool ski sock of the market (remember their guarantee!). My experience with Darn Tough has been nothing but positive and it has been hard for me to find any faults with the company. For more information, colors and sizing, visit www.darntough.com or www.amazon.com/darntough.

Derick Beiswanger: Derick has always had a passion for the great outdoors. Winter is his favorite season and when he isn't working he is either skiing at a resort or touring the backcountry. Even though skiing is his go to sport, Derick also enjoys snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and hiking in the winter months. As the snow melts and winter fades you will find Derick exploring Colorado on his road or mountain bike. Derick is also passionate about fly fishing, camping, trail running and photography.
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