Falke SK Energizing Wool Ski Socks Review

Initial Thoughts

Up until about 10 years ago, sock reviews would have seemed a bit ridiculous to me.  Thanks to the wonders of technology and manufacturing advances, even the humble sock has been elevated to new levels.  I remember my ski socks when I was growing up to simply be a thicker and taller version of my regular gym socks and they were usually made of wool or cotton.  Than a couple of companies began creating ski socks with polyester and even wool/polyester blends. Now there are a lot of great options out there that cover the gamut of foot coverings.

Falke is a german knitwear company that has been making premium products for over a hundred years and they are the official provider of ski socks for the Austrian and German ski teams.  I reviewed the Falke SK Energizing Wool compression ski sock and it sits one model from the top of their 10 model men’s ski sock line.

Falke SK Energizing Ski Sock Fit

Let’s start our Falke SK Energizing Wool sock review with the fit.  The socks are available in 4 sizes from US 6.5 to 12.5 and I tested the largest size with a range of US 10 to 12.5 for my size 11.5 feet.  The first thing you notice when putting these on is that they are a bit of a challenge to get on and Falke goes so far as to provide suggestions for rolling down the tall part of the sock.  The difficulty is a tradeoff of the excellent compression features of the socks and their form fitting nature.  I was very happy with the way the SK Energizing Wool socks hugged every millimeter of my foot without any bunching or stretched spots.  It is clear that Falke spends a lot of time analyzing how the foot works and where added fabric stretch and lessened materials are required.  No corners are cut with fit and they have a specific right and left designated sock.

Compression zones are in all the right places for improving blood flow in the foot and lower leg and they kept the socks from moving when I squeezed into my ski boots.  Additionally, air channels are present to help allow some breathing in the areas where it makes sense.  The Falke SK Energizing Wool socks are very high in length and go almost up onto my knee if really pulled out.  I happen to love the full coverage this provides and it makes sure you never have to worry about your sock not going all the way above your ski boot cuff.  Overall, the fit of the SK Energizing Wool socks is exemplary and really have no complaints.


Performance can be a difficult thing to judge when it comes to a sock because most skiers are going to be able to ski in spite of the socks they are wearing.  That said, a great sock can allow a closer fit to your boot liner and eliminate the potential of hot spots and discomfort caused by bunching.  Also, the materials and design are vital to warmth and dryness.  With this in mind, the Falke SK Energizing Wool socks perform extremely well.  The foot hugging fit and detailed material thickness selection keep the socks from being noticed in any negative way.  Extremely high stitch counts mean that there are no bumps or stitching to get in the way or rub your foot annoyingly.

Warmth and dryness come down to material selection and Falke made the excellent decision to combine a large percentage of natural merino wool with various poly threads for stretch and fit reasons.  Merino wool is one of nature’s most phenomenal natural products and it has great weight to warmth ratios and quick drying properties.  I’ve always thought of it as nature’s tech fabric and it is my preferred underwear material for active pursuits.  The Falke SK Energizing Wool socks held up well in my test on a cold early ski season day on the hill.  They kept my feet as warm as I ask of my socks while being unnoticeable in any way (this is a good thing with ski socks).

Final Thoughts on the Falke SK Ski sock

Falke ski socks are probably not a product for the casual one day a year skier who will most likely balk at the price; these are a premium product deserving of the word.  The SK Energizing Wool socks are exceptionally well made and fit perfectly.  Their materials provide the right amount of warmth and get out of your way when you’re using them.  I promise you will notice a difference in fit and feel when stepping up to these socks over a less expensive alternative.  While everyone will benefit from using a top end sock like these, those who spend a lot of time in boots will really appreciate them the most.  Falke also offers a range of socks at various price points that sacrifice some performance but offer the same high quality as all of their products.  The Falke SK Energizing Wool socks are available in green, red, blue, and black.

MSRP: $55

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