FITS Trail Performance Quarter Socks Review

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FITS Sock Company Trail Performance Quarter

If you read my review of the FITS Light Hiker Crew Socks, you know I’m a big fan of this company’s products. Perhaps because these socks are only a quarter height, the fit was actually better than the crew length. One of the highlighted features seems to be the “Heel Lock” and rightfully so. I typically wear between a 10 1/2 and 11 1/2 shoe, depending on brand and the “XL” size of this sock was perfect. It truly feels like a custom fit sock. They also guarantee the fit.  If you are not happy with the fit of the sock, they will replace them with a different size or refund your money. Companies that stand behind their products that firmly are quickly becoming scarce.

FITS Trail Performance Quarter- Performance

FITS Sock Co Pro Trail Performance Quarter

The FITS Trail Performance Quarter seems to actually hug your foot when you first slide them on. I found these socks to be a little softer than the Light Hikers. This could be because the wool to nylon ratio is a little heavier on the nylon with these. I also found these to be very well padded. During a hike (mostly on snow) and a trail-run (mostly dirt and gravel), they performed admirably and provided a palpably higher level of cushion than my standard socks. This is apparent from the feel of the sock and because of that, they may cause your footwear to be a little on the tight side. If you have shoes, sneakers or boots that you intend to wear with these, I would give them a try as the added cushion could affect the fit.

Much like the Light Hikers, I found my boots to be more comfortable with these socks vs. my normal pairs. I know, it sounds odd but you’ll see when you try them for the first time. I also appreciate the length of these “quarter” socks. With the “mini” gaiters used in the spring and summer, these socks are about the same height. This made for a very comfortable fit and a better seal around the top of the gaiter. This kept my feet warmer and dryer and kept debris out of my boots.

FITS Sock Co Trail Performance Quarter

Perhaps due to the additional padding and snug fit, I was impressed by the lack of movement of my foot in the boot. I tend to favor two pairs of socks to diminish any additional rubbing (and blisters), but went with a single layer this time. The socks didn’t budge on my foot whether ascending or descending. The Merino Wool performed as expected and kept my feet toasty warm.

Although not typically an issue with lower-cut socks, the FITS Trail Performance Quarter socks didn’t slide down my leg after the hike or the run. FITS boasts a “Full Contact Cuff” which is supposed to keep the sock in place due to a tighter ankle and looser calf. Granted, these socks are new and have yet to lose any of their elasticity, but I think FITS’ efforts have paid off. The overall performance of these socks is great.

FITS Sock Co Trail Performance Quarter

FITS Sock Company Trail Performance Quarter

(Here’s a nugget of history for you:)
FITS is part of the oldest sock mill in the US (started knitting socks in 1902). They have created 4 unique patents in the design and manufacturing of socks to create arguably the best socks in the world. They focus especially on the sock’s fit (hence the brand name) and inarguably produce the best fitting socks in the world. Because of their intricate knitting techniques, it takes 40% longer to create a FITS sock than it does to create a competitor’s version.

FITS Trail Performance Quarter – Details:

  • Toasty Warm in sub-30 degree temps
  • Toe cup, heel lock and full contact cuff all make a huge difference
  • extra cushion on the bottom of the sock for comfort
  • Great blend of wool and nylon to eliminate itchy-ness

Fabric Information

  • Wool . . . . . . . . . .58%
  • Nylon . . . . . . . . . 32%
  • Polyester . . . . . . . 7%
  • Lycra Spandex . . 3%

The patented features include:

  • The dynamic toe cup that features a special Y-shaped stitch that eliminates extra material around your does (form fits perfectly to the shape of your toes).
  • A deep heel pocket that hugs your heel and never moves. (you will notice this immediately when you put them on.)
  • Reinforced achilles to add longevity to an area of the sock that wears quickly.
  • Full next-to-skin coverage – the sewn-in elastic fibers follow the natural contours of the leg and arch, which makes sure the socks never sag or slouch.

These 4 features combine to create their Full Contact FIT, which is what makes these socks so great.

Final Thoughts

Overall the FITS Trail Performance Quarter socks were fantastic and I’m happy to have expanded my sock horizons a bit. They performed great in winter and will be a welcome addition to my summer hiking sock collection as well. Great fit, great feel and well built. Not much more you can ask for in a hiking sock. For more information on the Trail Performance Quarter socks and other footwear visit or

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