Swiftwick Socks Review

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  1. Marcy says:

    Good but some socks are not pricey.
    Head Power Cushioned Socks, last year $9 for 6 pair, this year 2011 $12 – 6 pair, made in USA. Internet stores big A and the bay well all of them push them for $27 etc. for 6 pair, they are really $9 to $12 at the most for 6 pair bundles. Heavy cushion sole only, best protection, very comfy at office, all year around. These are near to impossible to find, I probably can’t name the place I found them, hint, you need your card to get in. I’ve been trying to tell people about these socks, low price and quality. Could not post a review to the big Amz, they will not allow anyone to post a review unless you buy through them so there went that idea. Hope this post / review makes it.

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