Thomas Bates Opnnr Leather D-Ring Belt

The Thomas Bates Opnnr Leather D-Ring Belt

Thomas Bates Opnnr Leather D-Ring Belt

This belt comes as advertised.  The leather, a brown,  full grain version, is quality, with good workmanship and the belt makes for a good-looking accessory.But if you’re purchasing an accessory like this, you are clearly not just looking for a belt to hold your trousers up, you value the other functions this belt claims to fulfill, that of a handy bottle opener that cannot be misplaced.  The key question is “Does it really work?”  In this case, the answer is a definitive “Yes”.

Bottle openers are not a new technology.  It’s been a few thousand years since Archimedes claimed to be able to pop the top on the universe with a bottle opener.  Despite that, I’ve run across plenty that do not excel at the basic function of opening bottles.  Not so here – that’s an actual, basic, highly functional opener riveted to your fine-looking leather belt.

Not just for show

In addition to holding up its end of the bargain regarding bottle opening, the Thomas Bates Opnnr Leather D-Ring Belt does an admirable job holding up your pants.  The shiny nickel D-Rings provide an analog alternative to your traditional digital notched belt with buckle, offering infinite levels of adjustability.

Ohh, shiny

Thomas Bates Opnnr Leather D-Ring Belt Final Thoughts

This belt’s natural environment is the tail gate party, the pig roast, the relaxed beverage-filled float down a lazy river, where the only thing that troubles you is trying to remember where you left the bottle opener. But rest assured, when you break it out amongst more civilized company, you will get plenty of compliments and muttered jealousy.

The belt comes in sizes from Small to XL, and retails for $39.95.  Go to the Thomas Bates website for more info.

brian g: Brian is a road-runner with 25+ years of experience, occasionally trading the flatlands of his adopted hometown (Columbus, OH) for more exotic surfaces at marathons, half-marathons and long distance relays throughout the country, with the occasional canoe, kayak, or hiking trip to mix things up.
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