Jack Wolfskin Women’s Prelight Chill Hybrid Hiking Skort Review

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As an avid outdoor enthusiast who cherishes summertime escapades, ensuring comfort and staying cool are paramount for maximizing the enjoyment of my adventures. Jack Wolfskin adeptly addresses these needs with their Women’s Prelight Chill Hybrid Hiking Skort. Having recently taken it for a spin on the trails near my home, I was impressed by its ability to provide the freedom of movement necessary for hiking. However, what truly surpassed my expectations was its exceptional comfort—I found myself seamlessly transitioning from outdoor excursions to running errands at the grocery store and lounging around the house, all while still sporting the skort with ease and style.

Jack Wolfskin Women’s Prelight Chill Hybrid Hiking Skort Color Options

Cool Grey
Digital Orange

Available in two great color options; cool grey and digital orange, priced at $74.95, this skort is not just functional but also fashionable.

Materials and Specs

Made from 84% POLYAMIDE and 16% ELASTANE, and featuring Texadri and Microban technology, this skort is designed for performance. Texadri swiftly absorbs sweat, distributing it over a large surface area for quick evaporation, while Microban keeps odors at bay, meaning less washing and longer garment life.

Jack Wolfskin Women’s Prelight Chill Hybrid Hiking Skort Fit and Function

The material of the Jack Wolfskin Prelight Chill Hybrid Hiking Skort boasts a remarkable weightless feel and ample stretch, ensuring unparalleled comfort no matter the activity. Its ability to stay securely in place without the need for constant adjustments adds to the overall experience, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. Additionally, the inclusion of a small pocket on the back proves convenient for carrying essentials like an ID and credit card. However, I found myself wishing for additional pockets, particularly side pockets or a larger one capable of accommodating a phone, to further enhance its practicality during excursions.


In summary, the Jack Wolfskin Prelight Chill Hybrid Hiking Skort seamlessly merges style and functionality, elevating it to a standout piece within my activewear collection. Whether I’m navigating the hiking trail, enjoying a round of golf, or relaxing at home, this skort promises to be my top choice for its versatility and comfort. For those interested in learn more or acquiring this versatile piece, visit www.us.jackwolfskin.com or www.moosejaw.com.

Sarah Kluchkovskiy: Sarah is a mother of two humans and three dogs. She has a passion to explore the great outdoors with her family. If she is not at work you can typically find her camping, hiking, biking and visiting new places.
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