New View Hunting Camo Hunting Suit Review

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The New View Hunting camo hunting suit offers a promising option for deer hunting enthusiasts as they gear up for the upcoming season. The suit arrives with a one-size-fits-all balaclava, a jacket, and pants. The suit is available in two camo patterns: tree camo and waterfowl camo. This review focuses on the tree camo version.

New View Hunting Camo Hunting Suit Features

This hunting suit boasts an array of thoughtful features that cater to the needs of avid hunters. Among these features are a removable hood, one-way zippers, rather than two-way zippers, contributing to a reduction in noise. Additionally, every pocket on the suit is equipped with a zipper, ensuring that crucial items remain securely in place.

Another noteworthy detail is the elastic waistband, which can be adjusted over a range of 0.5 to 3 inches. This helps to accommodate various body shapes and sizes, a practical feature for hunters in different conditions. Further enhancing the pants’ versatility is the zipper-expandable boot section, simplifying the process of fitting the pants over taller hunting boots.

Expandable pant legs

The jacket’s upper back portion is ingeniously designed to allow a body harness to pass through. This considerate addition means hunters can wear a harness underneath the jacket, enhancing both comfort and safety. The wrist cuffs provide substantial adjustability, ensuring a snug fit while accommodating different wrist sizes and gloves.

The jacket offers two generously sized lower pockets, two upper sleeve pockets (measuring 7.5 inches by 8 inches), a split kangaroo pocket on the lower back (22 inches by 8 inches), and two substantial side zippered pockets. The pants follow suit with four zippered pockets, providing ample space for storing essential hunting gear ranging from binoculars and knives to rangefinders and calls.

Size, Fit and Finish

The New View Hunting camo hunting suit displays a well-executed fit and finish. The medium size was suitable for my 5’10” and 165lbs body, with room for layering. The sleeve and pant leg lengths are on point, and the balaclava comfortably fits even larger heads. The suit’s construction exhibits attention to detail, with no missing stitches or visible flaws. The jacket’s length and pocket depth add to its functionality.

It’s worth noting that the company actively updates its designs based on customer feedback, a commendable approach that reflects a commitment to improvement. Having said this, I observed a few minor discrepancies between the received jacket and the one featured on the company’s website. These differences included variations in branding font, size, and the addition of the word “hunting” in the logo on my jacket. Additionally, my jacket featured two extra non-zippered chest pockets that weren’t present in the online images as well as omission of the velcro patch on the left arm sleeve.

Materials and Warmth

In the hunting world, quiet movement is crucial, and the New View Hunting camo hunting suit strikes a balance between noise reduction and practicality. While not entirely silent, the suit’s material doesn’t produce overly noticeable sounds during slow, deliberate movements. Additionally, the suit displays a respectable level of water resistance, repelling water and keeping the wearer dry during brief exposure.

The suit’s composition consists of 95% polyester, 5% spandex, and a fleece lining, contributing to its warmth, water resistance, and burr resistance.

Designed primarily for early season hunting, the suit’s insulating capacity is limited to its fleece lining and outer shell. As such, it’s most suitable for use in October and early November when temperatures are moderate. It may require additional layering during colder periods.

Final Thoughts on the New View Hunting Camo Hunting Suit

The New View Hunting camo hunting suit emerges as a solid option for hunters gearing up for the season. Its range of features, attention to fit and finish, and the company’s responsiveness to customer feedback are commendable aspects. While not completely silent, the suit’s material allows for relatively quiet movement, and its water resistance adds to its practicality. With its focus on early season hunting, this suit could be an asset for those heading out into the field in search of their prey. At it’s price point, this suit is definitely worth a try. To find out more about the New View Hunting camo hunting suit, visit

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