BRUNT Workwear Scott Jacket Review

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I recently got my hands on the BRUNT Scott Jacket, and let me tell you, it’s a rugged piece of workwear that’s designed to handle the toughest conditions. However, before I delve into the jacket’s performance, let’s talk about sizing.

Available in three colors—brown, charcoal, and midnight—the Scott Jacket spans sizes from small to 4XL. My first attempt with a large left me with a baggy fit in the torso and sleeves that were overly long. Undeterred, I exchanged it for a medium, which fit well in the torso but felt a bit snug in the shoulders. In the end, I settled for the large, appreciating the extra room for layering without sacrificing mobility.

Craftsmanship and Fitment of The BRUNT Scott Jacket

Crafted from pre-washed BRUNT Stretch Canvas, the jacket offers a flexibility and broken-in feel that sets it apart. The BRUNT Action Back ensures a full range of motion, crucial for those who need to move freely on the job. The Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating adds versatility, allowing the jacket to withstand various weather conditions.

During a recent winter storm in Michigan, I put the jacket through its paces. Shoveling the driveway became a warm affair, necessitating unzipping despite just wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt underneath. The lightweight quilted insulation kept me toasty, and the jacket’s durability was evident in its exterior construction.

BRUNT Scott Jacket’s Functionality

One of the standout features is the generous pocket space. The large side pockets are perfect for slipping your entire hand into, a small but appreciated detail. Additionally, there’s a zipped pocket on the left chest exterior and an inner pocket on the right side. The jacket’s length is worth noting, providing ample coverage even when bending over—an ideal choice for varying weather and job conditions.

I tested its flexibility by splitting wood, and the jacket passed with flying colors. No movement restrictions, just a jacket that works as hard as you do. Whether chopping wood or picking up leaves in chilly weather, the Brunt Scott Jacket proves its worth.

A Minor Quibble

My only gripe lies in the sizing, a matter that’s more about my individual measurements falling between sizes than a flaw in the jacket itself. It’s a minor inconvenience but worth considering for potential buyers.

Key Features of the Scott Jacket

The Scott Jacket comes packed with features that enhance its performance and durability:

  • Industry-leading DWR Coating: Unrivaled water resistance.
  • Stretch-infused Canvas Outer: Provides flexibility without compromising toughness.
  • Quilted Insulation: Lightweight yet effective in keeping you warm.
  • BRUNT Action Back: Customized design for a full range of motion.
  • Full-zip Collar: Keeps the cold at bay during harsh conditions.

Performance and Durability

The jacket’s performance is underscored by its technical features:

  • Abrasion-resistant Exterior: Built tough for demanding jobsites.
  • Reinforced Panels on Arms: Extended durability for areas prone to wear.
  • Interior Zippered Chest Pocket: Secure storage for essentials.
  • Hidden Tech Pocket: A discreet spot for your gadgets.
  • Deep Side Hand Pockets: Large and functional.
  • Interior Tech Pocket: Added convenience.
  • YKK Metaluxe Zipper: Ensures durability in every zip.

BRUNT Scott Jacket’s Comfort: A Top Priority

BRUNT doesn’t compromise on comfort, ensuring that the Scott Jacket meets your needs:

  • Custom BRUNT Action Back: Enables a full range of motion, even under pressure.
  • Zero Break-in Period: Pre-washed outer requires no time to soften.
  • Stretch-infused Canvas: Never restricts movement.
  • Lightweight Quilted Insulation: Provides warmth without bulk.
  • Ribbed Hem: Keeps out cold drafts for added comfort.

Final Verdict: A Solid Investment

In my opinion, the BRUNT Scott Jacket offers excellent value for a rugged, warm work jacket. It’s available in a wide range of sizes and colors, making it a versatile choice for various preferences. For those who demand performance, durability, and comfort from their workwear, the BRUNT Scott Jacket is a solid investment. To explore more or make a purchase, visit

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