Free Fly Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody Review

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Free Fly Shore Hoody

Summer is off to a great start with lots of fun in the sun and some great new warm weather apparel to try out. This summer I have been all over the Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody from the company Free Fly. Free Fly is a small apparel company out of South Carolina with roots in Montana.

For about 10 years or so Free Fly has been designing simple, comfortable apparel that is made for an active lifestyle. The material of choice that Free Fly has chosen to base its apparel on is spun bamboo. Over the past years as a writer at I have especially enjoyed trying out some of the innovative apparel made from yak wool to the latest synthetics. Many of my favorite products have come from these novel ideas. Having heard of the ultra soft and highly breathable bamboo apparel from Free Fly, I was eager to try out the Shore Hoody.  

Initial thoughts on the Free Fly Men’s Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody

The Free Fly Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody is the lighter weight sun hoody that is offered by Free Fly. This shirt, like the other apparel from Free Fly, is made from a blend of bamboo and polyester. The blend of materials makes the shirt soft, breathable, gives it a UPF rating of 40+.  

The bamboo material does need some special care. When washing, the shirt should be turned inside out and a cold delicate cycle used. Drying is best from air dry and hanging. Proper care of this material will extend the life of the bamboo products.  

The Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody has a regular fit. I am 5’ 10” and 175lbs and the fit of the medium is pretty spot on. The hoodie also features an oversized hood that is made to fit over a ball cap.  

Hood on hiding from mosquitos

The exchange and return policy from Free Fly is exceptional. They allow free returns for 30 days and free exchanges for 60 days on unwashed and unused apparel.

Thoughts on the Lightweight Hoodie From Free Fly

This hoody right out of the bag feels like your favorite broken in old t-shirt, minus all of the holes of course. This shirt is incredibly soft and lightweight. The bamboo blend has a unique feel to it, similar to a well worn cotton shirt. The polyester of the blend allows for a bit of stretch in the material as well giving it a nice fit around the shoulders and arms. 

The other feature of the bamboo material is the breathability. This shirt is cool and allows for a ton of air movement. This has been great on the really hot days on the river and especially when traveling in the humid conditions of the upper Midwest. The comfort features of this hoody are incredible.  

Casting in the new Shore Hoody

Great Day After Day

The most surprising feature of the Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody was how the material does not absorb odor. The bamboo to me is very similar to merino in regards to this. Unlike synthetic materials this shirt can be used multiple days without becoming smelly. Even after a day spent rowing in the sun I used this shirt on a second day for another impromptu fishing trip. I dislike wearing synthetic shirts without washing between uses as they just hold body odor way too much. In a world of many synthetic clothing products it is really nice to have some options that incorporate natural materials.  

Day 1 Shore Hoody

Day 2 Shore Hoody

Keep an Eye On Your Laundry

One area of concern that I have with the bamboo material is washing care. We are used to taking special care of our merino clothes and other outdoor apparel but the Free Fly Shore Hoody ended up with the cotton t-shirts. My guess is that it feels just like cotton that it ended up with the wrong clothes. This meant it did go through the warm wash cycle and the heated dryer. I am happy to report there were no catastrophic consequences to this mishap. The shirt did shrink a bit but it still fits. I would not recommend an improper wash and dry, but do know it won’t ruin the bamboo clothes.  

Unfortunately due to this mishap I was unable to properly see how much the Free Fly Shore Hoody would naturally shrink. Free Fly does state that their products will shrink and that is to be expected. That being said, my guess would be that I would expect less shrinking when properly washed and dried.  

Specs on the Free Fly Men’s Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody Taken Directly from Free Fly

  • Relaxed hood sits comfortably over a cap
  • Set forward shoulder seams for mobility
  • 70% Viscose from Bamboo / 30% Polyester
  • 180 GSM
  • Regular Fit
  • Free standard shipping on all orders $150+
  • Free 30-day returns and 60-day exchanges on U.S. orders for unwashed, unworn items

Final Thoughts

The Free Fly Men’s Lightweight Shore Hoody is one of my favorite shirts of all time. It is hands down one of the most comfortable shirts to be wearing when active in the sun. On top of comfort the natural bamboo material makes the shirt resistant to body odors even after spending a day or two in the sun. When looking for your next purchase for warm weather gear look no further than the Men’s Lightweight Shore Hoody from Free Fly. For more information on the Lightweight Shore Hoody or other products from Free Fly, visit or

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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