Saxx Underwear Review

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Saxx Underwear Co

No matter you’re take on the naming of this underwear brand, I can only venture a guess as to how many terms were tossed about in the early stages of Saxx Underwear Company. That got me interested, and a quick search on various seedy (oh, I can’t help myself) websites gave me a quick glimpse at nearly 100 other versions for the male genitalia. That said, the founding members ran with it to evolve and grow Saxx Underwear Co into a very nice and diverse line of products. It appears to be a diverse, fun, and quality line of men’s apparel.

First Thoughts on the Saxx Underwear Co

The outdoor active crowd is a varied bunch: old school, high tech, creative, adventurous, and never shy to try something new. I demand a high quality product because I do not want it to fail when I am out playing in my backyard – Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. I will spend a bit more when it comes to getting my favorite brand of apparel or gear because I know that extra $20 or $50 will pay off tenfold as the fit, performance, durability, and longevity will be worth it.

Ask yourself, how much do you spend on bikes, skis, running shoes, ski coats, or good warm gloves? Even designer jeans these days will set you back a couple of hundred bucks. Then why are you still buying a 6-pack of tightey-whitey undies for $12.99? Seriously, your most precious parts, boys, cajones,  jingle bells, kiwis, crown jewels, privates, boys, doo dahs, marbles or twins do deserve better (and those were just a small sampling and of the PG13 variety). The Saxx line of underwear will surely find you questioning your frugality when it comes to underwear.

Saxx Underwear Co Pouch Technology

Talking, ‘testing’, and reviewing underwear may not seem like a sexy category to cover, but a very comfortable, form fitting, and  stylish pair of base layers can go a long way to boosting one’s self confidence. I know that may seem like a stretch, but Ergonomic Comfort Pouch technology does give a revived sense of empowerment. The pouch, the positioning, the stitching… I don’t know what it is exactly, but these undies make me feel good as I go about my day. Now this uplifting, form fitting, positive vibe is not something you have to show, but can be a silent feel-good partner as you go about your day.

Ergonomic Pouch – a thin breathable mesh – Underwear is inside-out

Let’s get down the nitty gritty. The Ergonomic Comfort Pouch is a breathable and supportive pocket so to speak that keeps thing cool, dry, and comfortable. This is the key element in providing you a literal lift and a spiritual one as it helps boost that confidence I talked about above.

Saxx Underwear Co VIBE

Saxx Underwear Co Vibe

The Vibe sports a ‘Modern Fit’, and I suppose that means slim fitting as well as comfortable. The sizing of this product does need to be closely looked at because it varies slightly from what you may be used to. For instance, Medium is consider 33”-35”, and Small is 30”-32”. I pretty much fall in the Medium category for most things in the apparel world, but my waistline has been reduced to a 31 in recent years with an increase in endurance activities. That said, I found it a little difficult to actually go with a Small size, but trusted the charts on their website. It turns out that they were on the money. I suppose the upsizing of today’s society has caused a shift in thinking. Many pieces simply get bigger, but in this case, the actual size of the underwear stayed the same, but the naming went down.

The length of this Modern Fit is Mid Leg Length which with my slightly athletic muscular legs I feel is a bit short. For the most part they stayed put without any riding up though. Length is totally personal preference as I prefer them slightly longer (see the Pro Elite below). I really enjoyed wearing these on a casual basis, but would wear them to the gym or for a shorter run without hesitation.

Saxx Underwear Co Pro Elite

Saxx Underwear Co Pro Elite

Now this is a high performance piece of athletic apparel. The stretch polyester allows your Saxx to breathe because it wicks away any moisture. We are still at the tail end of winter, and really hot weather is still a ways off. Therefore, I went all out on a treadmill run to really test this theory. A speed session was on the schedule, and 16 x 400 meter sprints all under 6:00 minute pace were sure to push me and my Saxx (underwear) to the limit. I completely drenched a shirt that I was wearing, but I kid you not, my Pro Elite was practically dry. I wouldn’t call these compression tights as the fit around my legs was not super tight, but they were snug and comfortable. The Pouch also did its thing by keeping everything nicely in its place without any shifting or need to readjust. It’s just one less thing to worry about as I go for a PR in my  upcoming races.

They are longer which I like! It’s considered a “Long Leg” which seems to be about 7″, and falls just above the knee. Perfect to wear under anything to provide support, comfort, and breathability. The Pro Elite does sport a “fly” and I could take or leave that feature. Again, personal preference.

The Pro Elite does have a “Fly”

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ve had just about enough of me talking about my Saxx…., but I really enjoyed putting these to the test. I will be adding a few more to my underwear drawer because they fit well, and function beautifully. It’s kind of like Designer Underwear meets Rugged Active Lifestyle. You look good, you feel good, no matter if you’re out and about around town, or hitting the mountains to climb a 14-er. Get a pair for yourself, you won’t regret it. For more information on the entire line, which is quite extensive please visit: or

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.

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