Meet the Moment by Clif Bar

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  1. Mary Smith says:

    did you have any participants for the cliff moment contest? if not can we still enter? we didn’t consider ourselves runners but today we looked at each other and we had running shirts (sleeveless, wicking, pricey), running shorts, running socks (that we fuss at each other for wearing other than running), running shoes that we have spent hours trying to get for proper gait and all that entails, running watch, running water bottle set up and the piece d’resistance our hats and Ipods. We are also training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October and have already run 4 half marathons.

    We busted out laughing when we realized WE WERE RUNNERS! I don’t know exactly when the transitions happened but it did and we couldn’t be happier , while still cracking up. What a long strange trip it’s been indeed.

    Peace and run because you can!!

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