Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO Review

Ever have an incoming phone call while on a ride and need to see who it is, but didn’t want to wrestle the phone from your sweat jersey pocket?  Or get a bit turned around on a distant road and wish you could have your phone maps out right where you could see them?  With the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO, you can fix all of these issues and more by securing your phone right up front where you can see it.  We at AGR recently got one to use, and I put it through the paces.  The short version is that it’s a competent solution to getting your phone firmly mounted where you can see it, but only after you figure out how to get the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO properly on your bike.  More on that after some pics:

Top mount overhead view
Top mount profile view
Front mount overhead view
Front mount profile view
What's in the box

Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO Unboxing and Installation

When you open the box of your Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO, it’s all pretty straighforward.  You have the two-piece mount itself, and three soft mounting collars for various handlebar sizes.  I picked the one for my bike and went forward with reading the directions.  But really, these isn’t much to read.  The pictographs show you basically what to do with the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO, but there’s a few things it left unclear.   You essentially have two screws to tighten – one to clamp base ring around your bar, and the other to lock the cradle arm into position – and then you screw the cradle onto one of two desired mounting positions located on the arm.  But you must make sure when locking in the arm that you align and secure a small tab to keep the mount in place.  Not initially doing this won’t pitch your phone onto the pavement, but the platform’s arm will move and your phone will not stay in place an crane around.  It took a couple miles and attempts to figure this one out.  More thorough directions could be included.

Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO Usage Notes

Once I got the installation sorted, the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO worked extremely well.  I took my iPhone out on a few 20-30 mile rides on smooth bike path and rough asphalt streets, and never once did the mount falter or give me any concern that the phone would fall out.   The mount is SECURE, just as advertised.  Obviously this is the most important part, since a mount that dismounts your phone is a massive failure.  But I never once lacked confidence in the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO.

The two different points to place the cradle, coupled with the pivoting and rotating cradle itself, provide a variety ways to orientate your device.  I found myself using the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO with my phone on the front post and tilted up, keeping it as low and flush with my bars as possible.  Using the top mount gave quite a bit of rise, and when on the drop bars this placed the phone right in my face.  I am sure that orientation would work better for city or trail riding where a more vertical cycling position is preferred.

Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO Final Comments

Overall I was pleased with the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO.  It was nice getting my phone out of my sweaty jersey and putting it where I could see any incoming calls or texts, or check out my Spotify playlist, or pull up the maps and chart exactly where I wanted to go.  Joby also touts that you can use this to get video, which I tried and had mixed results (a short clip of my smoothest footage can be seen here).   As you may notice, I ended up with some weird wavy effect on all the videos I took, regardless of which position I used and where I pointed the camera (down or forward).  I think the mount itself held fine, and suspect that the image stabilization of my ubiquitous iPhone 6 wasn’t up to the task of holding steady at the 15-25 MPH I tested.  Your mileage may vary depending on your phone.  But at least for the basic task of holding the phone securely where you can see it, the Joby GripTight Bike Mount PRO excelled.  You can pick one up for $59.95 direct from Joby.

Kasey Perry: Kasey Perry is primarily a runner, hitting up roads AND trails at distances anywhere from the 5K to 50k. When not hammering the local trail, he can been seen putting a few miles on his road bike and exploring the outdoors hiking with his young son and daughter.
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