The Quick Stop OTTOLOCK Hexband Review

First Thoughts On The Ottolock Hexband

Ok, let me throw the disclaimers out there first and foremost. The Ottolock Hexband is not a substitute for a heavy duty chain or U-Lock. It is however, a very strong and durable lightweight piece of equipment for those quick refueling stops. Bike thieves have become sophisticated, and those guys will likely get through any lock given the time. The opportunity thefts are the ones that occur so fast, and are usually preventable. Hence, the Ottolock Hexband will deter most of those if you are hanging out with the crew after a ride at your local coffee shop.

Best Use practices for the Ottolock Hexband

This lock is definitely a multi-use gear protector. For the bike, the intent is to prevent the quick opportunity thefts that can occur in a split second. I’ve been known to run into a gas station for a Gatorade, or fuel up on a post ride burrito at a road side food truck. I will likely not leave my bicycle for hours on end with only this lock. That said, having this either attached to my bike or stuffed into one of my back pockets is surely something that will become a habit. Securing bikes to car racks, Apres Ski protection, valuable camping gear (think Yeti Cooler), or canoe/SUP on top of my car will definitely see use from the Ottolock Hexband.

The Ottolock Hexband is the most fortified and strongest lock that they’ve come out with to date. It’s got six stainless steel bands reinforced with Kevlar, and an easy to program combination dial. With a weight of 225g there are some real benefits here.

Taking the Ottolock Hexband Out For a Spin.

The twice weekly morning ride has been a staple of mine, and has continued through the winter for a few hardy souls. At the end, the Coffee pit stop is a nice reward after the suffering, and a chance to catch our breath for the day to come.

I also took the Ottolock Hexband along for my 2-3x per week commutes. Secured parking is available inside my office, but I usually have a few stops or errands along the way. I toss the lock in my backpack, and its size and lightweight make it super easy to bring along. The mechanics of the lock are simple, and a breeze to use.

I was half tempted to take a pair of sheet metal cutters, a sawzall, or bolt cutters to this lock. I wanted to truly “test” the strength, but I found that Ottolock had already posted a video of some attempts. I’m sure with the right tool and some muscle I might be able to get through them, but I ‘m not quite ready to part with my handy lock.

I saw the photos where the Ottolock was attached to the bike on the seat stem. They make an Ottomount which would be a nice $10 addition. Since, I don’t have that, I’ll continue to either stash it in my backpack when I commute, my jersey pocket, or my top tube bag.

On a side note, my wife has been using the Ottolock Cinch Lock for about 4-5 months on her commute to work. She does park it outside in a very visible spot for the duration of her work day. That said, we are also not too concerned if her bike happens to disappear as it was a $50 craigslist buy.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • 30” version = 225g
  • 6x stainless steel bands with Kevlar® layers
  • Increased cut resistance vs. original OTTOLOCK
  • MSRP $65 (18”), $75 (30”), $95 (60”)

Final Thoughts Of The Ottolock Hexband

I do a lot of rides with my friends where we go exploring in the mountains. I am not a hardcore commuter where I leave my bike for hours on end for the dirt bag bike thieves. Hence, the Ottolock Hexband will be nice to bring along on longer excursions. After all, stopping for fuel and coffee are an integral part of the cycling culture social aspect. Take this lock at face value as a solid companion for that quick mid-ride stop. And don’t forget about all the other handy uses you can think of, from securing job site tools, to other gear that you attach to your car.

The Ottolock Hexband hit the market late February, so pick one up. You won’t regret it.

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Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.

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  • I wouldnt trust Ottolock's videos on how secure this thing is. It was tested, and in about 2 second with $10 tin snips, they were cut through.

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