Look KeO Blade Carbon TI Review

In a sport where weight and power are ever so important, Look continues to meet many elite cyclist demands with its new innovations like the Keo Blade Carbon TI.  The Keo Blade Carbon TI is a carbon based road bike pedal that is 31% wider in surface area than its predecessor the Keo Blade.  What does this exactly offer you while riding you might ask?  Well, in simple terms, it allows you to have a greater surface area to allow you to place more torque on the pedal.  For the cyclist that’s getting out for a few rides a week and not doing any racing, this is not going to be all that apparent.  For the cyclist that is trying to get the most out of every component on their bike, it might just be that extra edge that you need against your opponent.  Speaking of competition, the weight of a component is often a factor when making a purchase.  The weight of one pedal is 95 grams, totaling 190 grams for the set which is super light compared to other pedals on the market. When all hardware is added, these pedals come in at 298 grams.

One of the most important differences in the Look Keo Blade Carbon TI is that it uses a small plate of carbon fiber to create tension to keep your cleat in place versus the traditional steel spring.  This creates a stronger and more secure tension and reduces weight in a pedal.  One thing that I have read elsewhere is that this blade can break if you put a lot of force on it while the pedal is upside down. Personally, I have not run into this problem while testing out the pedal.  My suggestion would be to contact Look customer service if this were to happen.

To keep your cleats from wearing down too quickly, these pedals come with a snap on clip guard.  These clip guards also allow you better traction while not in the saddle.  The Look Keo Blade Carbon TI can be seen online for between $315 and $420 which narrows down the people would would buy this pedal, but if you are spending $5k on a bike or more, this might just be appealing to you.

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