Michelin PRO4 Endurance Tire Review

Michelin PRO4 Endurance

The Michelin PRO4 Endurance Tire is a really nice option because of its versatility to tackle a wide variety of terrain, and its ability to ‘endure’ whatever the road may throw at you.  A crazy Winter and Spring have reduced many roads to a pulp, and will be a good test for these tires.

First Thoughts On The Michelin PRO4 Endurance Tires

Many a cyclist out there will probably go to your Local Bike Shop (LBS) to pick up some tubes and tires. Walk in and either show them your bike, or tell them your tire size and kind of riding you do. That will usually get you what you need for miles of enjoyment. Going on-line to find a tire can be daunting as the options from numerous companies with varying treads, sizing, and rubber compounds will make your head spin.

One you’ve been riding for a while, you get to know what works, and you may actually be switching tires depending on the day.  I live on the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and the amazing assortment of terrain I can hit on any given day is diverse and wonderful. I have taken these Michelin PRO4 Endurance tires on long stretches of dirt or gravel out on the plains, grippy group road rides, slow long grinding mountain climbs with heart pounding fast descents, and gravelly rocky mountain pass adventures.

Out of the box – simple packaging, instructions, and a solid piece of rubber/performance tire


The Michelin PRO4 Endurance tire is also good for cyclosport with better anti-flat protection to be able to handle the diverse terrain and obstacles. Michelin’s Rating system for mileage and puncture resistance (Photo below) puts this tire at 5 out of 5. I am not a fan of flats. Most cyclists aren’t, so this is a very key feature for me.  I will sacrifice some weight and speed to be able to stay out on the roads. These might not become my ‘race’ tires, but for training and having fun they will surely be on my trusty steed.

Not that this photo is showing off anything revolutionary, but you can kind of make out the HDProtection Bead2Bead and its density crossed reinforcement

There are two main features that set this tire apart from the rest in my opinion. First of all, the Michelin HDProtection Bead2Bead which is a density crossed reinforcement that adds a level of confidence. I knew that it would stand up to the everyday rigors and obstacles I have encountered.

Second is Michelin’s Bi-Compound which is the association of two mixtures of different rubber on a tread which provides better wear resistance and grip.  This is located center tire, and you can see and feel the thickness. The optimized tread width also provides for a better grip in the turns.

A simple icon logo and their rating system for each category.

Performance of the Michelin PRO4 Endurance

I have the option of 3-4 early morning group rides each and every week. You get out early to beat the traffic, get a crazy workout in, and get back home to go about your day. I paid attention to my tires for the first few easy miles. After that it becomes a peleton of 30-40 riders, and things get feisty once we hit a local State Park. At that point, my thoughts weren’t on my tires, but on staying focused and making sure my legs and lungs were up to the task.  One grippy little climb always gets me, but that’s ok.

The late Spring/Early Summer weather was quite something this year for Colorado, and the roads have really taken a toll. The common courtesy to point out debris, potholes, and cracks (oh, those nasty cracks) is always at play, but sometimes it cannot be helped and a slightly raised manhole caused an unpleasant thunk. That was me, the week before on my other tires which led to a double flat that day.  Not so this day.  I felt good, and the rolling resistance was minimal. So without a flat, I’d say it was a good day.

On another ride, the roads were slightly damp from some overnight rains. What I did notice was excellent grips of the Michelin PRO4 Endurance through some corners in the bunch that allowed me to take go into and out of a turn with confidence.

Gravel fun is something I partake in on some local trails (paths and some single track). This is a fun way to unwind after a long day to get a bit dirty and work up a good sweat. The multi-surface approach to riding is where these tires are really well suited. They are definitely road tires, but can handle some off-road exploring when needed.

Forest roads, and even some single track were on the schedule for a weekend mountain get away with friends. Rains had created a lot of washed out gulley’s, and exposed sharp rocks and boulders. Long miles on dirt roads with the occasional dip, bump, rock, or washout keep you on your toes, so to speak. Again, for the most parts I avoided any real mishaps, but there were a couple unavoidable holes on some faster descents that had me wondering if I had popped. All was well, so job well done to the Michelin PRO4 Endurance. With about 300 miles on these so far, I have yet to notice any real wear aside from the norm.

Available colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, and Yellow.  I usually don’t care what color I’m sent for testing and review, but I am glad that a clean black tire showed up. It’s simple and has that classic bike appeal which I prefer.

Width: 700x23C and 700x25C (inch)

Weight: 225oz

Final Thoughts on the Michelin PRO4 Endurance

If you want a tire that will perform, but more importantly outlast your rivals on the road, dirt, or gravel, then the Michelin PRO4 Endurance is a fantastic option. The price point is right in line (or below) the competition, so this is a real good bang for your buck. The versatile of terrain that these tires can handle are another key feature that has me picking up another pair when these run out.  It will be interesting to see how many miles I can get out of these, but for the near future I see myself pushing the boundaries with these PRO4 Endurance.

For more information and purchase please visit: www.michelin.com

MSRP: $48.99

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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