Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Review

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The Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts are a versatile and high-performing option for mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Made with stretchy nylon/spandex fabric and featuring a durable water repellent (DWR) finish, these shorts provide breathability and airflow during warmer rides. The Dirt Craft Bike Shorts provide a fine-tuned fit and convenient storage options through their adjustable waistband and pockets. In this review, I will dive into different aspects of these shorts, such as comfort, fit, durability, style, and overall performance.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Comfort and Fit:

Comfort is a strong point of the Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts, both on and off the bike. The shorts feel great for hiking or casual wear, and they provide excellent comfort during rides. The included padded liner with a contoured chamois adds extra comfort for long hours in the saddle. The adjustable waistband allows for a fine-tuned fit, although it’s worth mentioning that the shorts’ sizing runs small. Although labeled as size 34, I found the Dirt Craft Bike Shorts to run small, requiring an exchange for a larger size 36. Surprisingly, even with the larger size, I didn’t need to utilize the built-in adjustable band, which is a unique feature of these shorts. It’s worth noting that the 2-way stretch fabric may feel slightly restrictive compared to more stretchy materials. If you prefer a higher degree of stretchiness in your biking shorts, this is something to consider.

Removable Liner
Removable Liner
Removable Liner

Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Durability:

The shorts hold up well in terms of durability, thanks to their nylon/spandex construction and double stitching. However, they may not be as durable as some heavy-duty gravity-oriented shorts. Nevertheless, for everyday trail riding, the durability of these shorts is more than sufficient. It’s worth noting that the shorts come with a removable liner adding to their versatility.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Style and Design:

The style of the Dirt Craft Bike Shorts is casual and versatile, making them suitable for both biking and other outdoor activities. They have a slim fit and a subtle look that easily transitions from the trail to everyday wear. The longer inseam of 11½” is specifically designed for mountain biking and covers the tops of most kneepads, ensuring proper protection and preventing any rubbing on the leg. The shorts also feature reflective logos at the left hem and right-back hip, providing added visibility during low-light conditions.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Performance:

I had the opportunity to test these shorts on a local mountain bike course, and I was happy with how they held up. During a 23-mile ride, the padding provided an adequate amount of protection, making the ride more enjoyable. The side pocket, which is tilted towards the back of the leg, proved to be convenient for storing and retrieving my phone. The pocket is spacious enough to accommodate an iPhone 12 with room to spare. The quick-drying DWR-treated fabric is a definite plus, especially during sweaty rides or encounters with light rain.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Specs and Features:

The Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts come with a range of useful features. The outer shorts are constructed with a stretchy nylon/spandex plain weave fabric that offers breathability and airflow. The included padded liner is made from a recycled nylon/spandex stretch interlock knit and features HeiQ Pure odor control. The adjustable waistband utilizes a low-profile, external hook-and-webbing system for a customized fit. Additional, the shorts also provide ample storage options with two drop-in front pockets and a secure, zippered left-hip pocket. Moreover, they can be integrated across-the-line with other Patagonia shorts and liners for added versatility.

Full Specs and Features

  • Stretchy, Breathy and Sturdy Fabric: Outer shorts built with a stretchy nylon/spandex plain weave with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish for ample breathability and airflow on warmer rides; Fair Trade Certified sewn
  • Included Padded Liner Shorts: Removable padded liner with a contoured chamois and mesh panels for wide-open breathability
  • Adjustable Waistband: Low-profile, external hook-and-webbing waist adjustment for a fine-tuned fit
  • Secure On-Body Storage: Two drop-in front pockets; one secure, zippered left-hip pocket
  • Across-the-Line Integration: Dirt Craft outer shorts and liner may be mixed and matched with our Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts, Endless Ride Liner Shorts, Dirt Roamer Liner Bibs and Nether Bike Liner Shorts
  • Reflective Logo: Reflective logo at left hem and right-back hip
  • Longer, MTB-Specific Inseam: 11½” inseam; leg opening covers the tops of most kneepads
  • Country of Origin: Made in Vietnam.
  • Weight: 329 g (11.6 oz)


  • Outer shorts: 4.2-oz 94% nylon (62% recycled)/6% spandex plain weave with four-way stretch and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish
  • Liner: 4.3-oz 79% recycled nylon/21% spandex stretch interlock knit with HeiQ Pure odor control


In summary, the Dirt Craft Bike Shorts are a comfortable and well-designed choice for mountain biking and outdoor activities. They provide good performance, versatility, and a sleek look. While they may not be the most durable option for intense riding, they excel in everyday trail riding, offering excellent comfort on long rides. With their stretchy fabric, adjustable waistband, and secure storage, these shorts are a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Available in six different colors at

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