Velocio Summer Cycling Kit Review

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Initial Thoughts On The Velocio Summer Cycling Kit

I have tested and tried plenty of cycling apparel over a span of 20 plus years. In doing so, I have two favorite apparel brands. One of those two is Velocio! Being a top contender takes time, commitment to excellence, and conforming to modern design trends without sacrificing quality. In the end, for me what sets Velocio apart, and keeps them as a top notch apparel company is comfort and durability.

The Concept bib shorts and jersey will be a welcome addition this summer along with a pair of stylish socks and some rain cover booties. When selecting the sizes for my kit, I was warned about this being a “race fit”. You’d expect nothing less from an Italian cycling apparel company. That said, be extra selective when deciding on what size to go with, and also your own purpose and style of riding.

I’m excited to take a few pieces of the Velocio Summer Cycling Concept line out on the bike.

The Velocio Summer Cycling Kit Sizing For Reference

I am 6′-1″ and currently around 170 pounds. When I hit my stride, I am usually in the 163 to 166 pound range. I decided to go with sizes that will work for when I am fittest. Hence, it is currently a little tighter than I’d like. To reiterate, race fit means nice and tight with good compression. If you want a bit of breathing room, going up in size is probably a good idea.

Men’s Concept Bib Short

First of all, without much thought, I simply put these on and went for a ride. I did not go into an initial deep dive to research about stitching, chamois, or any of the technical design or manufacturing that goes into it all. I simply want to see if they fit while I go out on my group ride. Upon finishing, I realized I hadn’t given the fit too much thought which is a good thing. I am usually too busy sucking in air while hanging on for dear life. The fact that my focus is on that instead of comfort, or lack thereof, is great and meant they literally became part of me.

The fit is snug! That compressed racing apparel style may not work for all, but does provide performance benefits. The real star is the chamois. Of course, the point where the bike saddle meets the body needs comfort, and more so, a fit that works seamlessly. The Chamois “floats”, because it is integrated into the patterning of the short. That means fewer seams and less chafe points for a more fluid pedaling motion. It’s designed for that fluidity as the chamois stays in place, and literally becomes part of your body and movement.

The look is incredibly clean and simple without those added seams. The leg gripper is something I do pay special attention to. I’ve had them too tight, where they lose their grip rather quickly. The length of the shorts is also a critical component. These are a good length for me, as they don’t ride up on my legs, nor squeeze too tight.

Size Large

MSRP: $309

For more information and purchase check it out HERE

Men’s Concept Radiator Jersey

Simple and minimal are definitely the two things that catch my eye right away. The technical terminology is that this is a Polartec Delta Mesh “Radiator” fabric. Velocio uses recycled polyester yarns combined with tencel fabrics to create a 3D mesh structure which quickly wicks and absorbs your body moisture. In turn, as the moisture evaporates it actively cools you as you ride.

We haven’t quite hit our summer stride, and I will report back as we hit 90 plus degree temps. That said, I do wear the Velocio Radiator Jersey as a bottom layer while on longer rides. Our access to the mountains creates for tricky clothing decisions as we go up in elevation, or surprise storms come out of nowhere. Also, climbing takes serious work, and then to get chilled to the bone on a descent is a real first-world Colorado cycling problem. The jersey worked super to allow my sweat to be “dumped” or transferred properly as I was climbing to keep my temperature in check. Once I crest the KOM, I put on a lightweight wind breaker. The feel when descending is comfortable, because I do not have a wet layer next to my skin that could get cold.

The fit is, well, very fitted. It will expose that extra 5 pounds of off-season winter weight, but that’s motivation to get back into shape. On the flipside, there is no excess fabric that rolls up on me in an aero position, nor any flapping around in a 40 plus mph downhill. The pockets are also snug, but allow for plenty of storage (phone, wallet, snacks, extra tube or CO2). They are nice and tight, so no swaying as you ride. I can stuff my windbreaker in there, and all works fine.

One nice feature is the spf 30+ treated back panel to allow for some sun protection. The mesh is almost see-through, so be aware of that. What you may not be used to is that this jersey does not have a collar, but that minimizes bulk and helps to maximize that airflow.

Size Medium

MSRP: $199

Click RADIATOR for more information

Breton Signature Sock

Socks are not necessarily sexy when it comes to reviewing. They serve a purpose, but apart from a few variances, there’s not too much that can be said. I do like these socks, because they are super light, and I can appreciate the breathability. The Breton socks are made of 97% ultrafine polyamide mixed in with 3% Lycra. It’s Spring, so I am not battling super hot temperatures, but I hope to have the benefits of this cooling airflow in the coming months.

The one thing that I do want to point out is the sizing. I know, I said it before about this being Italian racing apparel with some compression thrown in. It’s going to fit tighter, but I did not think that would translate to socks. I have a size 45 (11) shoe size, and I went with the L/LG, and these socks are fitting on the small side. Hence, keep that in mind when ordering, and get a bigger size. Lastly, I do like the simple stripe look which compliments the rest of my kit.

Size: L/XL

MSRP: $19

Please see VELOCIO for more options

Signature Rain Bootie

I know this is a rain bootie, but to be honest, I hardly ever experience a rain soaked ride. I live in Denver which is considered a high dessert. Our annual rainfall is in the 10-15” range, and we get upwards of 300 days of sun. We do have a real winter, but most snowfalls are gone within a day or two. Thus, riding a bike is a year-round joy for me.

I mention all that, because I will use these Signature Rain Booties more for my early morning group rides to combat the wind and cold. I have come to accept the fact that my toes could be a little cold at some point during my ride. That said, my sweet spot for these are when starting temperatures are in the low thirties, and they feel fine up to the mid 40’s. After that, it becomes too warm. I do like these for my mountain excursions as those descents can be quite cold. Plus the aforementioned surprise afternoon storms that seem to come out of nowhere. And then having dry feet does pay dividends.

The Signature Rain Bootie is ultra-light, windproof, and waterproof. A perfect trio as I ride early mornings in colder weather. I also like the reflective logo and trim details. Being seen is key these days, so anything extra always helps. The zipper and bottoms always take the most abuse, so I hope I can make them last. Velocio does add a reinforced heel tab to aid in that durability. And lastly, the zipper is created with a water-resistant reverse coil.

MSRP: $99

For purchase please visit the BOOTIES here

Final Thoughts On The Velocio Summer Cycling Kit

To wrap it all up for this Velocio Summer Cycling Kit, I want to put the emphasize on the quality and comfort. The racing fit is a true performance benefit with its compression. Just because you are a casual cyclist, doesn’t mean you can’t have nice stuff that fits well. Simply think about your purpose on the bike, and maybe size up to allow for some breathing room. Overall, this kit is sleek, stylish, and makes me feel good wearing it. The Concept Bib Short is the shining star here as its’ “floating” chamois allows for real comfort and performance. Looking and feeling good are a recipe for having a lot of fun on the bike, and the Velocio Summer Cycling Kit delivers. Give it a shot for yourself.

For more info on these and other Velocio pieces, visit

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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