Ride1Up Prodigy XC E-bike Review

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As someone who has a deep passion for cycling and has spent a considerable amount of time in the saddle, I’ve had the unique opportunity to put a wide variety of electric bicycles through their paces over the years. However, among the many I’ve tried, one particular model has recently piqued my interest – the Ride1Up Prodigy XC. In the following article, I plan to delve into my personal experiences with this particular e-bike, offering a comprehensive review of its various features and capabilities.

Who is Ride1Up

Ride1Up is not just another name in the e-bike industry. They’ve made a mark for themselves by offering premium components and advanced functionalities at highly competitive price points. They’ve always pushed boundaries, and the Prodigy XC is a testament to their commitment to creating an outstanding e-bike experience.

Unboxing the Ride1Up Prodigy XC E-Bike

The unboxing process was a breeze. The Prodigy XC arrived in a well-packaged standard sized e-bike box, ensuring its safety during transit. The e-bike was mostly pre-assembled, with its major components already in place. The box also contained a set of hex wrenches and small regular wrenches for assembly, which was a nice touch.

Assembly of the Ride1Up Prodigy XC E-Bike

Assembling the Prodigy XC was straightforward. It involved attaching the handlebars, pedals, front tire and the headlight to the fork. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I was able to get the bike ready to ride within 20 minutes.

Build Quality of the Ride1Up Prodigy XC E-Bike

The Prodigy XC’s build quality is nothing short of excellent. Its frame, robust and meticulously crafted, exudes a sense of sturdiness. This well-constructed nature of the frame gives the impression that it is more than capable of withstanding the rigors of both on-road and off-road conditions.


The Prodigy XC is powered by the impressive Brose TF Sprinter mid-drive motor. This motor is quiet and offers smooth power delivery, making the ride experience seamless. The torque of 90nm ensures that you get the right boost when you need it.


The bike comes equipped with a 36V 14Ah Samsung battery that sits unobtrusively within the bike’s frame. Although its 540W capacity might seem a bit less compared to other models, it still managed to provide me with a decent range of around 30-40 miles depending on terrain and the pedal assist level used.


The Prodigy XC uses Tektro hydraulic disc brakes which provide excellent stopping power. The brakes have a smooth and responsive feel, and they performed exceptionally during my test rides, offering reliable control over the bike.


The bike features a Microshift Advent 9-speed driveline which is a welcome upgrade from the typical Shimano or Altus drivelines found in many e-bikes. The shifting was smooth and reliable, adding to the overall ride quality.


Equipped with Maxxis Forecaster 27.5 x 2.35 tires, the Prodigy XC is ready to tackle any terrain. I found the tires exceptionally grippy during my trail rides, providing excellent traction and control.

Hydraulic Suspension

The Prodigy XC features a 120mm travel air spring fork that delivered a plush riding experience. It handled bumps and rough terrains with ease, making my trail rides smoother and more enjoyable.

Cockpit and Controls

The cockpit layout is simple and user-friendly, with a small LCD display mounted on the left handlebar. The display, although small, provides essential information like speed, battery status, and range. The control buttons are easy to reach and operate while riding.


The Prodigy XC comes with a really nice Selle Royal SRX saddle that is perfect for technical trail riding and cycling pants with a chamois. But, because I have also been using the XC as a daily commuter I decided to swap it out with a more plush saddle for a more comfortable commuting experience.


The bike comes with a Buchel Shiny 80 lux headlight attached to the front suspension fork. While it’s not crazy bright, it is still good enough to light up the trail for riding in the dark and it’s sufficient for visibility during city rides. There is no taillight included on the XC.


While the Prodigy XC doesn’t come with a rack, it does have mounting points, allowing you to add one if needed. I ended up adding the Ibera Bike Rack so that I could use the XC to also run errands and commute with it. The installation of the Ibera rack was easy and the fit was perfect.

Riding Experience – On and Off the Trail

Taking a ride on the Prodigy XC was nothing short of a delightful experience, whether I was navigating it on the trail or off it. The motor, which was notably powerful, and the construction, which was undeniably robust, combined to make this bike capable of handling a wide variety of terrains with absolute ease. When I took it for a spin on the city streets, it provided a ride that was both smooth and nimble, effortlessly gliding over the urban landscape. On the other hand, when I tested it on trails, it performed exceptionally well. It conquered steep inclines and rough terrains with an ease that was truly impressive, making the ride feel effortless.


The Prodigy XC comes with some impressive specifications. It’s a Class 3 e-bike with a maximum speed of 28mph and a range of 30-50 miles depending on the pedal assist level. It can support a maximum rider weight of 300 lbs, making it a suitable option for a wide range of riders.


In conclusion, the Ride1Up Prodigy XC is a versatile e-bike that offers a fantastic mix of power, performance, and comfort. It’s an excellent choice for both off-road enthusiasts and daily commuters. Its sturdy build, powerful motor, and high-quality components make it a reliable ride on any terrain. The Prodigy XC delivers a fun and exhilarating ride experience at a very reasonable price for a mid-drive motor e-bike, making it a bike I would wholeheartedly recommend. For more info on this and other Ride1Up e-bikes, visit www.ride1up.com.

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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