Oakley Fuel Cell Tour De France Review

The Tour De France is around the corner, do you have your trip booked?  No?  No money to travel? Stuck at work? Stuck at school?  No need to worry, Oakley recently introduced the new Oakley Fuel Cell Tour De France sunglasses that won’t get you to France, but you’ll still look pretty bad a$$.  Typically, most of the Tour De France products on the market are performance oriented, which normally look good while you’re on the bike, but sometimes it’s a little much when you’re out on the town.



Fits Head/Face size medium to large

As sunglass frames are very personal, it is difficult to tell you which frames will fit your face and which ones look down right stupid on your face.  That said, I can only give you my person experience with the Oakley Fuel Cell Tour De France Sunglasses.  I typically wear a medium sized sunglass frame and found these frames to fit well, but if they were a nano size bigger, they would end up looking pretty silly.  The frames have more of a boxy fit, meaning they don’t have the sport like fit where the frame curves around your face.  The size of the arms on this frame are wider than most sport sunglasses which helps keep out glare and wind coming in from the side.  This is something I prefer because when I wear my sunglasses, I like to not only reduce glare, but protect my eyes from the elements.

Oakley Fuel Cell Tour De France Lens


Oakley uses a black iridium lens on the Fuel Cell Tour De France sunglasses which works great in bright sunlight environments such as Colorado(My testing grounds) where there’s 300+ days of sun a year.  Currently, the black iridium lens color is the only option which may turn some people off, but I enjoyed the black on black option.  The advantage of using a black lens is that it tinted out a lot of the glare, the disadvantage of a black lens is it can get a little gray on cloudy days.  The glare is reduced in the iridium lenses by using Superheated metallic oxides which are fused to the lens at the molecular level, permanently bonding to create a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and minimizes glare.  Tuned to transmit from 9 to 92 percent of available light, the coatings are specifically formulated for optimal balance between reflection, transmission and absorption, depending on the targeted environment for usage.

For those familiar with Oakley lenses, you know the clarity of the lenses used in Oakley shades is top notch.  Oakley uses what they call Polaric Ellipsoid geometry which allows for precision between the human eye and each point along the curvature of the lens.

A tribute to the Tour De France

As Oakley is no longer associated with the Livestrong Foundation after the Lance Armstrong alligations last year, I feel Oakley has done a nice job in staying connected to the tour through these limited edition sunglasses and a few other pairs such as the Radar Lock and Half Jacket.  Since Oakley is committed to elite cycling community, it was important for them to find another avenue to promote their tie the cycling community and I find they have done a nice job here.

Performance and Style

The Oakley Fuel Cell Tour De France sunglasses are definitely style based versus performance based.  While I’ve used these sunglasses in a number of activities such as running, riding, and hiking, I feel they are better suited for everyday casual use.

For more information, please visit www.oakley.com

MSRP $140


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