Orbea Onix Dama TLT Bike Review

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I have a reputation of doing it all and more.  So when it was time to buy a new bike, I needed to make sure the bike could keep up will all my wants and needs.  I’m thankful to say that the Orbea Onix Dama TLT lives up to my “do it all” DNA!  The Orbea Onix Dama TLT is a great bike for any woman looking to do local rides to racing in a triathlon.  Its featherweight carbon frame will give you the confidence and sense of beauty on the road. And for bonus points, the hand-painted finish white-and-pink paint job is bound to turn heads during your lunch ride.

But everyone knows beauty is on the inside.  The frame is made of Orbea carbon monocoque making it super lightweight and efficient during smooth rides. My first few rides this season have been rewarding and it is because of the responsiveness of this bike.  Orbea seems to have forgotten nothing on down to the carbon cranks.

It is a dream to ride because it is equipped with fine components throughout.  The Orbea Onix Dama TLT includes a hill-topping 20-speed compact Shimano Ultegra drive train.  The Shimano Utegra drive train is nice because the technology allows you to switch gears effortlessly.  In the right gears, you’ll feel like your flying up and downhills.  The bike also has Shimano Ultegra brakes and light Mavic Aksium wheels. After riding this bike a few miles, you can’t help but notice its women’s Selle Italia saddle.  The seat is awesome and it’s sure to bring a smile on your face when you find it out that it’s comfortable for long rides.  I was even surprised by its smooth performance during occasional bumps.

While looking great on the bike, I did notice that my stem was a bit too long on the bike.  The Orbea Onix Dama TLT comes with a 90-degree stem but many women prefer shorter stems.  Therefore, I can’t give the bike a 5 out of 5.  But based on an overall look and performance, I’d give the Orbea Onix Dama TLT a 4.5 out of 5.  There’s a beauty when it comes to biking and that beauty came through in the look, feel, and performance of the Orbea Onix Dama TLT! For more information, visit www.theproscloset.com/orbea.

Stella P:
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