Swim Spray Review

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I’ve been a swimmer all my life, so for me the smell of chlorine is my personal perfume. I’ve always had to deal with it, until now. With Swim Spray I can eliminate the smell and help the irritation on my hair and skin. If you swim, no matter how well you shower afterwards, the smell of chlorine always seems to stick around. Has it ever happened that you are sitting somewhere by yourself and smell chlorine? You know it’s you and wonder if you are the only one that can smell it, or if everyone around you smells it also.  If you have every experienced this it’s because even though you showered, sometimes soap alone is not enough to get rid of the smell. For that we now have Swim Spray.

How does Swim Spray Work?

The concept behind Swim Spray is very simple, it gets rid of the Chlorine smell and also the irritation that chlorine causes. But does it work? Is it worth carrying around with you in your swim bag? First, if you carry your shampoo and soap, then adding this small bottle is very easy. There is not much to it, the bottle’s instructions say that you should spray yourself 20 times after you have showered, but before you shampoo and use your regular soap. I found that it took more like 30 sprays to cover head and body completely.
For me, the smell is not the problem since I am so used to it, but I have issues with how dry my skin gets after a morning swim in the pool. For the rest of the day my skin feels very dry, even after using lotion. During my tests I used Swim Spray for half my body only. I did notice a difference; the side where I had used Swim Spray didn’t feel as dry as the side that I had only used regular soap. During my full body testing, the smell was diminished significantly and my skin wasn’t as dry. I still have to use lotion to completely moisturize my skin, but it does help get rid of the chlorine on your skin.

Final Thoughts

Swim Spray can be purchased from their website directly and from Amazon.  And it will run you $15 for a 4 fl oz bottle. For people that do spend a lot of time in the pool and would like to smell less like it and have less irritated skin, Swim Spray is for you.

Conrad Rodas: Conrad is a fairly new Ironman triathlete, who loves the outdoors. He travels a lot for work and enjoys the challenge of finding a way to train while on the road. Since he is fortunate to visit so many new places he enjoys taking a lot of pictures, especially of the places where he is swimming, biking, running (mostly of himself). Conrad swam for the University of Louisville and still enjoys swimming the most out of the 3 sports. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, snowboarding and exploring new places. You can follow his endeavors at www.losrodas.com and pictures on Instagram http://instagram.com/conradrodas
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