Platypus Siouxon Hydration Pack Review

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The Platypus Siouxon Hydration Pack is designed as a do-it-all pack specifically for ladies. I’ve been using it as my go-to pack for everything from quick after work rides to longer high-country adventures in the Colorado Rockies for several weeks now. The Siouxon has lots of storage space that is thoughtfully designed to utilize it efficiently and also features the hydration basics that you’d expect from Platypus.

Fit & Comfort of the Platypus Siouxon

Right from the start this pack felt comfortable on my back and was easy to adjust for varying amounts of content in the pack or layers I was wearing it over. The shoulder straps and waistbelt are comfortable, easy to adjust, and ergonomically designed. Both are padded with a cut out foam allowing airflow through the straps while still providing ample cushion.

The Siouxon is relatively narrow expanding out more than across which I found to be comfortable and stable. I especially found the Platypus Siouxon to be stable because it cinches down tightly when it is not filled to capacity keeping the contents from shifting and throwing me off balance on technical terrain. When cinched tightly each strap features a clip to hold the extra down so it doesn’t flap around or get caught on anything. I didn’t realize how much I loved this feature until this pack.

The back panel of the Platypus Siouxon is a stiffer material with six foam cushioned areas to disperse the weight of the pack and ideally allow additional airflow. I ventilation system is pretty basic, but comfortable nonetheless.

Platypus Siouxon Capacity & Organization

I can affirmatively say that the 10L of storage space in the Platypus Siouxon can carry a lot of gear, food, tools and supplies, but unfortunately it only carries 2 liters (70 ounces) of water. For a pack that can carry so much so efficiently it seems that the ability to carry a full 3L (100 ounces) of water would be beneficial so you can confidently take it out for an all day adventure.

I had no problem stuffing everything I could want before, during, and after a big shuttle ride in the Colorado high-country into this pack. I had all of the basics I always carry including pump, tubes, tools, patch kit, first aid kit, rain coat, energy gels, snacks, map, and a full bladder. For some bigger rides I threw in an extra layer, extra socks, extra gloves, sandwich, and camera, plus a hat and flip flops for post ride and I could still put my helmet on the outside to keep everything together.

The Platypus Siouxon makes organizing all of the gear I was carrying super easy because it features a pump sleeve, tool pocket, and mesh zipper pocket in the main compartment; several sleeves and smaller pockets in the smaller front compartment; a fleece lined goggle/sunglasses pocket; two waist belt mesh pockets with zippers; and finally an expandable outside section with mesh sides. With all of these storage options, I never had trouble finding a place for an additional item or accessing it quickly later.

Hydration System

As I mentioned above, I wish that the Siouxon came with a 3L bladder instead of 2L, but the Big Zip hydration system itself is designed very well and is one of the easiest systems I used to get it out of the pack, fill it, and return it to the pack without spilling water everywhere or needed a second person to help me.

I loved the way the bladder easily detaches from the hose with no leaks so I didn’t have to feed the hose through the pack or struggle to balance the pack while I filled the bladder. The Big Zip slider was extremely easy to use and secure – no leaks ever. And finally, the way the bladder hangs in the pack is simple and helps keep it balanced and in place. Note, I have it hung incorrectly in the image below, but it didn’t hinder the performance. I cannot say enough about how easy to use the Big Zip system was.

While I loved the Big Zip system on the Platypus Siouxon I didn’t love the bite valve. I felt that the water flow was a little slow/weak and I found it challenging to get enough water fast enough especially after a lung buster of a climb at 10,000 feet.  I did, however, really like the lock on the bite valve and the magnetic hose retention features.

Final Thoughts on the Platypus Siouxon Hydration Pack

Overall, I’m really loving this pack. It holds as much or as little as I need it too, I can easily access my gear in it, it is very comfortable even on all day rides and the bladder is so easy to fill and replace in the pack. I suspect that I can solve my desire for an extra liter of water by sacrificing a bit of gear storage space and efficiency of the pack by forcing 3L bladder into it. The Platypus Siouxon comes in plum and marine. For more information visit:

Stephanie Smith: Stephanie grew up moving constantly whether in gymnastics or running around on the family farm in New York. Nowadays, she has melded her energy and passion for the outdoors into a career in the ski industry and a continual quest to spend as much time outside enjoying everything that Colorado has to offer. In between skiing each of Colorado's 26 ski areas in one season, she can be found in the Front Range pounding the pavement marathon training or enjoying the abundant singletrack on her mountain bike or her own two feet. Stephanie also enjoys cooking to fuel for her activities, traveling, good beer, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

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